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*''[[Star Wars: The Old Republic]]''
*''[[Star Wars: The Old Republic]]'' {{1st}}
==Notes and references==
==Notes and references==

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"Then you should not have come back to a world that is not yours. Taris belongs to the Sith Empire — now and forever. Even my beasts understand that."
―Rora Seake[src]

Rora Seake was a Sith Pureblood who served the Sith Empire as an assassin during the Cold War. She was sent by Darth Angral to destroy a Republic colony on Taris near the Brell Sediment, but her mission was betrayed by Watcher One to a Jedi Knight searching for Doctor Godera. Watcher One traded the location of Seake's target to the Knight in return for time to interrogate Godera, and the Knight was forced to accept in order to save lives.

Seake wielded an orange-bladed lightsaber, and also used two Jurgorans as pets. When she arrived at the bunker, she told the colonists that Taris was the Empire's, and that they should not have returned to the planet. Seake then commanded her pets to attack the Jedi, but they were promptly defeated - along with the assassin herself.


Notes and references

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