Rordak was a planet in the Rordak system. It was an Imperial penal colony[3] with an orbital nightcloak. A battle was fought there between 3681 BBY and 3653 BBY between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic. The battle ended in a Republic victory when Bouris Ulgo personally boarded Moff Ceptor's battlecruiser.

Prisoners assigned to Rordak were either forced to work in the dangerous mines or are sold into slavery, laboring at the behalf of a Viska noble. Because every prisoner on the world had been sentenced to life imprisonment, they were considered property of the Empire, to be used as the prisons' wardens saw fit.


Rordak was the only planet in its system; originally, there were three inner worlds, but they were all consumed when the star expanded to form a red giant. The results on Rordak were dramatic, as seas were scorched, great tectonic shifts occurred, and most life-forms were killed. Over the next few million years, entirely new forms of life evolved, including the Viska.The world was rich in metals but also had a hostile atmosphere and high levels of geologic activity.

Rordak was a small mountainous world, broken and scarred from constant volcanic upheaval. Huge mountains and deep gorges scarred the planet's surface. Water was rare on this world, and rains, when they did fall, were highly acidic as a result of the constant volcanic ash which was expelled into the atmosphere. The world's carbon dioxide heavy atmosphere was extremely fatiguing to most newcomers. The temperature of the world fluctuated wildly, with an average of 45 degrees celsius during daylight hours, and an average of 5 degrees celsius at night. Seasonal variations could alter the temperatures up to 20 degrees.

The planet of Rordak was populated by very few indigenous species. Plants took the form of stunted trees and brown grasses. A few forms of grazing animals evolved on the planet, but there were few wild animals remaining on Rordak, and they were found only in the most desolate mountains of the planet.


Rordak contained four starports: Dreggusom, Azkulkt, Whosk, and Deggaruls. The largest prison camp was known as Alpha TR-8.

Viska Flying CitiesEdit

The Viska lived in clusters of repulsorlift powered buildings. This tradition came from the need to stay away from the ground, or risk being caught in a volcanic eruption or earthquake. With the advent of modern technology, the Viska began building flying platforms, and adapted to a completely aerial society. All of their structures were huge, open-aired buildings (to accommodate their large wingspans), attached to a huge repulsor column, which was over 500 meters long and nearly 100 in diameter. The cities were built on several levels, reaching many thousands of meters into the air. The upper levels of the cities were reserved for the royal Viska clans, while the lowliest workers and clans were forced to live on the bottom levels. The middle section was where most manufacturing facilities, trade locations and landing pads were located.

Imperial Prison CampsEdit

The largest prison camp was known as Alpha TR-8. All of the prison compounds were built on the ground, exposing the prisoners to the risks of earthquakes. Above each camp was an orbital nightcloak, which blocked all sunlight and immersed the camps in one continuous night.

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