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«No, I'm not the Wookiee you're looking for.»
―Rorworr attempts to fool a bounty hunter.[src]

Rorworr, born in 49 BBY, was a male Wookiee who lived on Naboo with his father, an ambassador. With help from his translator droid TD0-2, Rorworr studied at the Royal House of Learning in Naboo's capital city, Theed, and often explored the wilderness areas surrounding the city. The Wookiee had a penchant for adventure, and assisted the Jedi Rann I-Kanu with the investigation and defeat of a group of veermok smugglers.

In 32 BBY, Rorworr helped defend Naboo during the planet's invasion by Trade Federation forces. He served as a member of Naboo Resistance and the Naboo Underground, freed several military and civilian prisoners, and helped Queen Amidala's forces infiltrate Theed undetected. During the battle itself, the Wookiee assisted in diverting enemy troops from Amidala's forces, defeated a Vulture droid in Theed's Palace Plaza, and intercepted a counterfeit treaty forged by the Trade Federation.

When Naboo had been liberated from the Trade Federation, Rorworr continued to serve the people of Naboo. He helped defeat Savor Kibbs and aided in establishing a colony on Naboo's largest moon, Ohma-D'un. Rorworr later became an agent of the Galactic Republic and served Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and the Jedi Council as a scout in a variety of missions until the end of the Clone Wars.

After the formation of the Galactic Empire, the Wookiee served as an agent and pilot for the Rebellion, gunrunning and gathering military intelligence. After intercepting Imperial High Inquisitor Volytar at the Battle of Skorrupon, Rorworr became known among the Rebellion as one of the heroes of Skorrupon.

Once the New Republic was founded, however, Rorworr left military service to become an independent explorer and an adventurer. He made a name for himself as he contested the exploitation of wilderness planets and their native species.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Youth on Naboo[edit | edit source]

"I have no idea what their names are, but I overheard their leader say they were planning to capture veermoks and sell them offworld. I'm quite sure that's illegal!"
―Tasrah Boh[src]

A male Wookiee[1] born in 49 BBY[2] on Kashyyyk, Rorworr was brought to Naboo as a child when his father was assigned to act as an ambassador between the two planets. His father's station allowed Rorworr to attend the Royal House of Learning in Naboo's capital city, Theed,[3] assisted by his translator droid, TD0-2.[9] It was here that the Wookiee began learning to fly spacecraft, practicing with local N-1 starfighters.[3] He also befriended several other students while attending classes, including Jedi Padawan Sia-Lan Wezz; Dané, a young girl who was secretly training to become a handmaiden; Galak, a volunteer in the Royal Naboo Security Forces; Arani Korden,[1] Theed-born daughter of a House Korden noble;[10] and Deel Surool, a Twi'lek whose wealthy parents set up a trading emporium on Naboo.[1]

Young Rorworr had a love for exploring the wilderness beyond Theed, and often slipped away from school for several days at a time. The Wookiee's curiosity led him to explore many places hidden away from the city.[3] Occasionally, he came across equally curious Gungan explorers, a species of amphibious natives that he found to be interesting.[11] While on a field trip,[1] he found a friend in the young Toba,[11] a daring Gungan who was the eldest son of a wealthy Otoh Gunga family.[12] Rorworr also had a fondness for stargazing on his excursions.[3]

At some point, Jedi Master Ali-Vor brought his Padawan, Rann I-Kanu, to Naboo in order to further his Padawan's training. Ali-Vor enrolled I-Kanu in the Royal House of Learning and regularly assigned tasks to his apprentice. While Ali-Vor was investigating poachers who were smuggling veermok off-planet, he asked I-Kanu to investigate rumors that some of the smugglers were operating out of a secret base near Theed, although Ali-Vor had not considered the rumors to be true. I-Kanu enlisted the aid of Rorworr, Galak, and Korden, friends he had made while at the Royal House of Learning, to help with the investigation. Using a map acquired by one of Korden's contacts, Rorworr guided the team to a ruined jungle shrine. The group infiltrated the hidden base found near the shrine, defeated the smugglers and their leader Saidle Frex, and rescued Tasrah Boh, a captured professor of archaeology from the House of Learning.[13]

Invasion of Naboo[edit | edit source]

"Less tax equals more profit."
―Raymas Daal[src]

In 32 BBY, the Galactic Senate, the governing body of the Galactic Republic, passed legislation calling for the taxation of trade routes to outlying star systems. A trade dispute soon developed between the Republic and a megacorporation known as the Trade Federation, resulting in the blockade of Naboo.[14] At an early point in the blockade, Rorworr and a few other students met with Raymas Daal, a small-time criminal, in the Naboo city of Kwilaan. Daal had a new backer, and offered the team AurebeshSans-Serif credit.png10,000 to temporarily deactivate a Naboo sensor array located just outside of the city. Daal told the students he simply wanted to evade taxes on a rare spice shipment in order to increase profits, and intended to land while the sensor was deactivated. In reality, Daal's unnamed backer was the Trade Federation, which wanted to move jamming satellites into Naboo space undetected in preparation for an invasion of the planet. The meeting was interrupted by plain-clothes members of the Royal Naboo Security Forces, who intended to apprehend Daal for questioning; Daal, however, escaped, as did Rorworr and his companions. Fulfilling Daal's task, the students located the target array using information provided by Daal, and, bypassing four Security Guards and a pair of technicians, successfully disabled it. They returned to Kwilaan to locate Daal and collect their fee.[15]

A short time later, Rorworr and a group consisting of Sia-Lan Wezz, Deel Surool, Dané, Galak, and Arani Korden[16] booked passage off-world on the freighter Crescent, captained by Nuun Pargen of Alderaan. Immediately after taking off from Theed, Trade Federation droid starfighters fired upon the freighter, wounding Nuun's daughter, Inea Pargen. Nuun was forced to perform an emergency landing on the Great Grass Plains. Captain Pargen tried to repair the freighter, and sent Rorworr and his friends back into Theed to procure medical supplies for Inea's recovery.[17]

A young Rorworr and his translator droid, TD0-2

However, the Trade Federation Droid Army began to invade the palatial city just as the crew acquired their supplies. During the course of their escape from Theed, the team encountered resistance from B1 battle droids and droidekas. They helped a family of Naboo nobles balance luggage on an overloaded speeder to escape the city safely, freed a collection of civilians and Security Guards from a droid prison escort, and resolved a firefight involving outnumbered Security Forces. They avoided the Main Boulevard Bridge, where the bulk of the invading forces filtered into the city, as well as the Theed Royal Palace. Eventually, they encountered one Chee Mobok, a frightened Twi'lek textiles merchant who spoke very little Basic. After calming Mobok down, the crew learned that he had crashed an airspeeder into a nearby pond. Together, they fished the speeder out of the pond and used it to effect the rest of their escape.[17]

Rorworr piloted the speeder along a tributary of the Solleu River, over the occupied Main Boulevard Bridge, and out onto the river proper. The Federation forces on the bridge fired at the speeder, and three Single Trooper Aerial Platforms broke from the battle to pursue the group. During the chase, Rorworr's maneuvers caused one STAP to crash into a Multi-Troop Transport, disabling the transport's cooling fins and sinking it in the river. After shaking the remaining STAPs, the group abandoned their battered speeder in Lianorm Swamp.[17]

Mobok was soon mauled by a veermok. When the group defeated the creature, they found themselves surrounded by a Gungan patrol. Led by Sergeant Mokem, the patrol escorted Rorworr's group to the borders of Lianorm. They followed the edge of the swamp, intending to rendezvous with Captain Pargen; however, when the group arrived, they found that the Crescent had already departed. In its place, they found a group of Gran and Rodian pirates fighting a small force of Naboo Security. Rorworr's group intervened, defeating the pirates, but only a lone Security Guard, Mett Habble, survived the firefight.[17]

Resistance and Underground[edit | edit source]

Sia-Lan: "There's so much going on in the Force. Neimoidian troops are everywhere!"
TD0-2: "'Except in our wake,' the young master says."
―Sia-Lan Wezz and Rorworr discuss logistics, as TD0-2 translates.[src]

Habble was one of Governor Sio Bibble's disguised agents, and also the organizer of the recently formed Naboo Resistance. Habble guided the group to the Resistance camp, encouraging Rorworr to fly the speeder while he questioned the group about their escape from Theed. Rorworr's team parted ways with Chee Mobok when they arrived at the camp. Habble informed the passengers from the Crescent that although Theed and the Royal Palace had been captured by the forces of Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray, Naboo's Queen Amidala had escaped the planet in the company of a pair of Jedi Knights. After a brief respite, Habble invited the crew to a meeting with two other Resistance leaders, Lieutenant Nathaniel Camaran and Oti Trinta. During the meeting, the crew joined the Resistance.[18]

Rorworr and several fellow students from the Royal House of Learning were placed in the charge of Lucos Dannt; the former headmaster of the school was a leader of the Naboo Underground, a cell of the Resistance that operated in and around Theed.[19] Rorworr's first-hand knowledge of the Naboo countryside proved invaluable to the Underground as the group attempted to undermine the Trade Federation's occupation.[3]

While scouting Theed, Rorworr, Galak, Surool, and Wezz encountered a patrol of four battle droids. The group attempted to flee, but became cornered in an alley containing STAP wreckage and containers of speeder parts. The group fought and defeated the droids, after which Rorworr discovered a datacard in the STAP wreckage that contained the location of a Trade federation internment camp and a list of the Naboo leaders imprisoned there.[9]

Rorworr participated in several prison breaks over the course of the next week. The Underground had learned that a group of recently captured RSF pilots and guards was being held in a lightly guarded building near Theed's central Palace Plaza and that the prisoners' confiscated weapons were being stored near the facility. The prisoners were scheduled to soon be relocated to a more heavily guarded facility. Dannt determined that the opportunity to free the high-value prisoners and bolster the ranks of the resistance could not be missed. Since all of the other, more experienced Underground teams were already in the field, Dannt assigned the task of jailbreaking the facility to his former disciples. Rorworr and a posse of other students infiltrated Theed and reached the target building, where they quickly dispatched a pair of Neimoidian guards. The group broke into both the holding cells and the neighboring armory, issuing confiscated weaponry to the seven prisoners. As the students attempted to escort the prisoners to safety, the group was ambushed by a small force of Trade Federation OOM security battle droids. The Underground team routed the reinforcements and lead the prisoners to the Underground's headquarters. Many of the prisoners joined the Underground, strengthening the resistance movement.[7]

While Rorworr's team was recuperating from their previous mission, Dannt introduced the students to Lialla Tane, a resistance operative. Tane explained that she had heard of the students' exploits and requested their help. She had learned that her parents, Minister of Culture Kyu Tane and his wife, were being held by the Trade Federation in a prison camp on the Street of Glory very near the Theed Royal Palace. Tane was concerned for the health of her parents, since the Trade Federation wasn't feeding any of their prisoners. Tane, who was to participate in another mission, asked the students to free her parents. She provided information about the opposition the team would face, including the presence of a battle droid patrol in the area. Lialla advised the team that the prison consisted of unbreakable portable energy walls, and that a pair of Neimoidians overseeing the facility were able to deactivate an energy gate with a keypad.[20]

When the students arrived on the Street of Glory outside of the prison, they approached and negotiated with the Neimoidian overseers, who easily parted with the gate code, before turning their attention to the pair of Security Droids guarding the gate. After dispatching the droid guards, the students opened the prison. The cell itself housed the Tane family, four Naboo citizens, and one wounded RSF pilot. All of the prisoners were skeptical of their rescuers, and only the Tane family initially agreed to escape. A patrol of four battle droids arrived at the scene, alerted by the Neimoidians, and the students were forced to defeat the patrol before the remaining prisoners were convinced that they could be kept safe during the escape. The students escorted the prisoners back to the Naboo Underground, reuniting Lialla and a number of other Underground operatives with their families.[20]

However, Rorworr and his classmates were eventually captured. They were held in Prison Compound 32, a Trade Federation prison camp that was built from portable energy walls within the city of Theed. The group was imprisoned with Ruto Graven, who was Assistant Minister of Internal Affairs for Queen Amidala; Private Boraso, an RSF Security Guard; and the artist Ela Sivel. Boraso, who had been wounded in battle, had managed to hide a set of security tools in his belt when he was captured, but did not have the personal expertise to use the tools.[21]

While talking with the other prisoners, the team came under very brief scrutiny by a Sith Lord, Darth Maul. Soon after, the students attempted to escape by distracting the pair of OOM security battle droids guarding the energy gate while they covertly disabled the gate's control console. The students managed to disable the gate and grab their weapons and gear that was stored in a crate just outside the prison entrance. Rorworr's group defeated the immediate guards and held off a squad of four B1 battle droids while their cellmates escaped.[21]

At another point during the occupation, Rorworr, Surool, Wezz, and Korden reentered Theed, sprung a Trade Federation trap, and took cover in an alley. Planning to escape through a door at the end of the alley, Rorworr, Korden, and Wezz provided a diversion while Surool attempted to slice the door's electronic lock. The fighters surprised a unit of B1 battle droids and held off their reinforcements. Rorworr's team began to retreat down the alley when a pair of droidekas rolled up. Surool opened the door, and all four students were surprised by what they saw on the other side.[22]

Rorworr holds the line during a mission on Naboo.

Reclaiming Naboo[edit | edit source]

"Glad you're here. We got some good news: Queen Amidala has returned. Not only does she have a couple of Jedi Knights with her, but she's somehow convinced the Gungans to fight along side us—and she's got a plan."
―Mett Habble[src]

Queen Amidala, after failing to persuade the Galactic Senate to intervene and end the Trade Federation's invasion, returned to Naboo. When Amidala requested that Mett Habble bring his best people to a planning session, Habble summoned Rorworr and his team to participate. The group followed Habble through Lianorm Swamp to the landing site of the Queen's J-type 327 Nubian royal starship. They were greeted by the Queen and her handmaidens; Captain Quarsh Panaka, head of the Royal Naboo Security Forces; Boss Nass, leader of the Gungans; Jar Jar Binks, a Gungan; two Jedi, Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi; their Force-sensitive ward from Tatooine, Anakin Skywalker; and various Gungan and Underground generals.[18]

During the planning session, Amidala announced her plan to enter Theed via a secret passage. The leaders decided that using a Trade Federation Troop Transport would be the ideal way to approach the passage undetected, but realized that acquiring one would be difficult. At this point, Rorworr's team spoke up, volunteering information on the MTT that sank into the Solleu during their initial escape from Theed. With this information, the leaders formalized the main attack plan.[18]

Boss Nass volunteered his Gungan engineers, the Gungengineeren, to repair and salvage the submerged transport; however, his Gungan scouts were unable to locate the MTT. Queen Amidala tasked Rorworr's team with escorting the Gungengineeren to the site because the crew from the Crescent knew the exact location of the transport. The unit was also assigned to guard the Gungengineeren during the operation, since the Queen wanted to reassure the Gungans that the Naboo were committed to mutual cooperation. Rorworr and two others piloted three unfamiliar tribubble bongos, docking with a hydrostatic bubble to rendezvous with Koh Pa Wupps and his team of Gungengineers. Loading the engineers and their tools into the submersibles, Wupps directed the group around Lake Paonga, up the lower Solleu River, and through an underwater passage at the base of the Virdugo Plunge that lead to the upper Solleu, dodging a group of opee sea killers along the way.[18]

When the group located the downed MTT, the Gungengineeren began work on transporting it upriver for repair while Rorworr's team patrolled the area in the bongos. The site was attacked by a young, orphaned colo claw fish, which Rorworr's team defeated through piloting skill with the unarmed submersibles.[18]

Battle for Theed[edit | edit source]

"Transport seven-one-four: We have you listed as sinking into the river during the invasion. How did you get to the lower plateau?"
―PDA-2, puzzled and slightly annoyed by the reappearance of Transport 714[src]

Rorworr piloted the retrofitted MTT, Transport 714, to the secret passage at the base of Theed's cliff wall, where the team unloaded Amidala, who was disguised as a handmaiden, the handmaiden Sabé, who was disguised as the Queen, Captain Panaka, the Jedi Jinn and Kenobi, Skywalker, the astromech droid R2-D2, and three dozen Naboo troops. Rorworr and his team were assigned to guard the transport and to monitor Federation radio traffic using its transponder.[23]

When the Gungan Grand Army drew the Trade Federation forces away from Theed, Transport 714 was contacted by PDA-2, the OOM command battle droid assigned to remain behind and guard the Palace. Using a jury-rigged vocabulator, Rorworr's team tricked PDA-2 into believing that the transport was too badly damaged to move under its own power. PDA-2 overrode the transport's manual controls and remotely piloted it to Theed Hangar's repair bay, within the city. The unit ambushed the forces of ADO-8, a command battle droid guarding the repair bay. Rorworr's team once again briefly encountered Darth Maul, who quickly left the repair bay in search of Jinn and Kenobi.[23]

The party found their way outside, in front of Theed's Royal Palace, where they encountered Sabé—still disguised as the Queen—and a small escort of Security Guards and soldiers. Sabé requested the crew's assistance in creating a diversion that would allow them to enter the Palace. The team engaged an Armored Assault Tank, a single STAP patrol, and a squad of eight battle droids, distracting them long enough to allow Sabé and her retinue to infiltrate the Palace directly.[24] Rorworr and the other students escaped the Plaza as Royal Security Forces began engaging the Trade Federation Army throughout Theed.[25]

The students evaded several battle droid patrols and eventually found their way back to the Palace Plaza. A Vulture droid, supplemented by four battle droids, had replaced the previous patrol. The droids were firing at the occupants in the Plaza—four unarmed civilians, a pair of RSF Guards, and an RSF pilot with an R2-series astromech droid. Rorworr's unit intervened, eventually securing the Plaza. The pilot, severely wounded, claimed that the astromech droid contained vital information, and charged the students with seeing that it found its way to Queen Amidala. One of the wounded Security Guards likewise charged Rorworr's team with ensuring that a diplomatic pouch found its way to Ambassador Kron of Alderaan.[25]

Rorworr, Sia-Lan Wezz, and Deel Surool apprehend Gode Takrab and examine his counterfeit holovid.

Returning to the Royal Hangar, Rorworr's team ambushed the escort of a Neimoidian counterfeiter, Gode Takrab. After interrogating Takrab, they learned that he had forged a treaty between Naboo and the Trade Federation, as well as doctored a holovid of Queen Amidala endorsing the phony document. Rorworr's team scoured Takrab's shuttle and eventually found the fake agreement[16] hidden within Takrab's protocol droid, TC-11.[23] Nute Gunray sent a squad of battle droids led by RK-7 to secure the shuttle for his own escape.[23] Rorworr's unit was nearly overwhelmed, but managed to hold the shuttle until the Lucrehulk-class Droid Control Ship orbiting the planet was destroyed, neutralizing the droid forces and ending the battle.[16]

After the Invasion[edit | edit source]

"You will always be welcome in my home, wherever it may be. The people of Naboo owe you a tremendous debt of gratitude…"
―Queen Amidala thanks the crew from the Crescent.[src]

In gratitude for their services to Naboo during the weeks of occupation, as well as their exemplary performance during the Battle of Naboo, a grateful Queen Amidala bestowed the honorary title of Palace Guard[6] upon Rorworr, Wezz, Surool, Korden, Galak, and Dané.[16] Rorworr spent the rest of the day freeing prisoners from internment camps. The group was visited later in the day by Captain Pargen and his daughter. The Crescent had narrowly escaped the pirates and battle droids, but was forced to set down under Lake Paonga, where the vessel was eventually rescued by Gungans.[6]

That night, Rorworr and his friends attended a funeral for Qui-Gon Jinn, who had been slain by Darth Maul in the recent battle. During the ceremony, the students were approached by Lucos Dannt, Sabé, and Lialla Tane. Sabé asked the members of the defunct Underground to investigate a group of Naboo and Gungan refugees camped in some of Naboo's ancient ruins. The leader of the refugees was rumored to have plans against the throne, and intended to disrupt the Naboo-Gungan alliance. Tane, who had originally reported the camp, accompanied the team as a guide, and the unit set out in a speeder. When a large, falling tree forced the speeder to a halt, the craft and its occupants were assaulted by a large, powerfully built Naboo predator known as a grakkt. The venomous creature disabled the group's speeder before being driven off, forcing the team to continue their mission on foot. At one point, Tane tumbled into a large pool of quicksand, and had to be rescued.[26]

The group soldiered on through the swamp and came across a dark grove corrupted by the dark side of the Force. A mutated tangler tree at the center of the grove attacked the team with vines and projectile thorns until they were out of reach. Just outside the refugee camp, the group was attacked by a Force illusion of Darth Maul, secretly conjured by the renegade leader to deter the party from continuing. After overcoming the illusory Sith Lord, Rorworr and his friends discovered the refugee camp hidden among ancient Gungan ruins and were confronted by several of the renegades. Three of the refugees in particular, a tough-looking woman, a Gungan warrior, and an angry young man, condemned Amidala while praising their leader, a charismatic man by the name of Savor Kibbs, who was secretly a rejected Jedi Padawan. Kibbs, finally determining that the intruders must be eliminated, attacked the group with Force powers and a reactivated droideka. The party defeated Kibbs and ended the hypnotic influence he exerted over his followers.[26]

Sometime after the invasion was settled, Rorworr joined a project[27] spearheaded by Queen Amidala, Master Kenobi, and Boss Nass[28] to help develop a Gungan colony on Naboo's water moon,[27] Ohma-D'un.[29] At the Naboo Civic Spaceport, Rorworr boarded a small Republic Sienar Systems shuttle, the Fair Gale, captained by Worlohp, an Ithorian. The other passengers—a pair of graduates of the Theed School of Technology and Engineering, Kharl Vanneb and Sakme Kelene; Professor Hallem Celaar, a renowned zoological and botanical expert;[27] as well as Toba[30] and a few of Rorworr's classmates from the Royal House of Learning—were also all part of the project.[27]

Sixteen minutes after takeoff, the Fair Gale collided with an object in Naboo's ionosphere. The impact caused a failing in the ship's conduit, which had begun leaking Kyvalon-4, a gas used in many repulsorlift systems. The gas, while harmless to most humanoids, was known to cause temporary homicidal insanity in Ithorians. Captain Worlohp entered the passenger bay to report colliding with debris from the Trade Federation Droid Control Ship that had been destroyed during the invasion. After breathing the Kyvalon-4, the Ithorian flew into a rage and attacked his passengers. The ensuing melee damaged several of the ship's vital systems, including the ship's navigation computer and life support systems. The passengers managed to subdue Worlohp, repair the navigation, life support, and repulsor systems, and land the shuttle safely.[27]

Rorworr demonstrates a Wookiee's strength while fighting alongside Sia-Lan Wezz.

Rorworr stayed on with the Ohma-D'un project for a time, earning a monthly salary of AurebeshSans-Serif credit.png2,000 and joint-ownership of the Mystic Burn,[27] a YT-1200 light freighter[31] stored at the colony's moonbase.[27]

Republic service[edit | edit source]

"For the Separatists!"
―A Human thug reveals his cause before attempting to gun down Senator Alastar Treen in a Corellian spaceport cantina.[src]

As Rorworr grew into an adult, his heroism on Naboo eventually rolled him into serving with the Republic as a scout. He often went wherever the Republic needed his help, and generally ended up on small wilderness planets due to his skills in survival and exploration.[3] At one point in the Wookiee's career, the Supreme Chancellor's office assigned Rorworr and former members of the Naboo Underground to investigate an island cove hidden on a jungle planet. Their goal was to discover who was supplying the Blue Star Pirates with military-grade weapons. After defeating a pair of pirates within the cove, the investigation team discovered a datacard from the Hyperdrive Cantina, a floating bar on the water planet Vorusku. The team followed the lead and subdued a group of thugs within the cantina. Then, having learned that the supplier was a local Vorusku crime lord, they tried to ascertain his identity, which led them into an ambush in a volcano city by a bounty hunter. After Rorworr and his partners acquired the identity of the supplier, Jalla Spree, Spree sent a droideka to attack the investigation team at a cliff-side slaver camp.[9]

In the wake of the Invasion of Naboo, several planets and corporations formed an alliance known as the Confederacy of Independent Systems. These systems seceded from the Republic in protest over perceived corruption within the Republic Senate. This resulted in several brutal skirmishes across the galaxy,[32] including the devastation of the Ohma-D'un colony,[33] and by 22 BBY the galaxy was drawn into a full-scale conflict known as the Clone Wars.[32]

Weeks prior to the First Battle of Geonosis, the first official battle of the Clone Wars, Rorworr, Sia-Lan Wezz, and Deel Surool met Vor'en Kurn,[34][35] a blue-skinned Human soldier,[36] while in a spaceport cantina on Corellia. There, the four foiled a Separatist assassination attempt on a Corulag Senator, Alastar Treen.[34] Following this, the four frequently worked together. The team faced a variety of opponents and situations, such as attacks on Battle Droid commanders, the investigation of a bounty hunter operating out of the Royal Hutt Hotel, assaults on crime bosses, encounters with Tusken Raiders on Tatooine,[4] cantina brawls with Aqualish[37] and Rodian gangs,[38] an escape from a battle droid garrison,[4] an escape from a Colicoid-run prison in the Spice Mines of Kessel,[10] a Jawa ambush in an abandoned armory, and even mounted blasters in the darkened corridors of the warlord Grumbog's space station fortress.[4]

Rorworr, Vor'en Kurn, and Sia-Lan Wezz deal with a battle droid ambush in close quarters.

The team was so successful that they occasionally received orders directly from the office of the Chancellor and the Jedi Council. One such mission had the group investigating the disappearance of a Republic arsenal ship that had been tasked with decommissioning the Trade Federation Army defeated at Naboo. The investigation led the team to Kwenn Space Station, where they defeated several re-activated battle droids.[37]

Another mission to which the team was assigned involved preventing Corann from being the first of the Core Worlds to withdraw from the Republic. Rorworr's team investigated rumors of Separatist activity on the small industrial planet and discovered a droid manufacturing plant.[38] Another mission saw Chancellor Palpatine personally assign the team to investigate a Sith temple on the snow-covered planet of Puloorn. Along the way, they encountered marauders and navigated through challenging asteroid fields. Within the temple itself, they discovered dark side beasts and cultists.[4]

Over the years, the Wookiee made many recommendations regarding the development of new worlds, which the Republic often ignored. On occasion, credit for some of Rorworr's discoveries went to more politically connected Humans. Rorworr also earned two official reprimands during his time with the Republic. He was issued one for disappearing from an exploration party, during which time he found a lost civilization. On another mission, he earned a reprimand for not revealing a sentient life form he discovered, at that life form's request. Rorworr grew increasingly disenfranchised with the Republic as a result, a sentiment that he noticed was mirrored by many other Wookiees and non-Human species. However, Rorworr kept quiet regarding his concerns; instead, the Wookiee spent his spare time listening to stories and tales in spacer bars, trying to learn of unexplored worlds and territories.[3]

Rebel Wookiee[edit | edit source]

"I knew it! You are smugglers! Troopers, arrest them!"
―Old Ezrim accuses Rorworr and his team at Tosche Station.[src]

The establishment of the Galactic Empire changed Rorworr's life dramatically. Most of his clan was lost in an Imperial raid, the Wookiee's own father vanished after speaking out against the newly rechristened Emperor Palpatine,[8] and Queen Amidala was slain. Anakin Skywalker, the boy Rorworr had met while recapturing Theed,[18] became Darth Vader, Palpatine's apprentice. Many of the Jedi Rorworr had worked with were massacred in a synchronous, galaxy-wide execution known as Order 66.[39] The surviving Jedi were pursued by Darth Vader, and many, including Rorworr's close friends, Sia-Lan Wezz[40] and Rann I-Kanu, were respectively killed or went missing.[41] Rorworr felt betrayed by the Republic he had served, and quickly joined the Rebellion to resist the Empire's reign.[8]

In the Rebellion, Rorworr was often tasked with monitoring Imperial ship and troop movements. Often, he flew a Rebel RZ-1 A-wing interceptor, having become adept at hiding the craft in asteroid fields. Other times, he dealt directly with Imperials, taking advantage of the stereotype of Wookiees as slow, simple creatures in order to be underestimated. On the ground, Rorworr spent time in cantinas pretending to be a fuzzy drunk, eavesdropping on soldiers that did not realize he understood Basic. In one case, he took a job as a freighter pilot running rare foods to Imperial forces on Varlinaar, and in the process brought with him a team of Rebels to steal Imperial battle plans.[8] In another, he freed an imprisoned Rebel operative from an Imperial detention cell.[42]

In 3 ABY,[43] Rorworr reunited with other members of the defunct Naboo Underground for a vacation to Bespin's Cloud City. At the conclusion of their holiday, while the friends waited for a shuttle to arrive and deliver them to an orbiting passenger liner, a group of thugs dragged an old man from the waiting lobby onto the landing platform. A small astromech droid disrupted the thugs, and the old man quickly asked for the group's help. After intervening, Rorworr and his friends learned that the thugs had been hired by a Chevin working for Jabba Desilijic Tiure; that the old man was Doctor Shemza, a distinguished scientist wanted by the Empire for his research; and that the astromech, Shorty, belonged to Shemza's Rebellion contact. Shemza insisted that he had information vital to the Rebellion, and asked the group to accompany him to his contact's transport on Landing Platform 21. The voice of Lando Calrissian, Cloud City's Baron Administrator, broke over the city's loudspeakers, announcing that the Empire had occupied the city, and recommended that all citizens evacuate. Three stormtroopers appeared in the hallway, demanding that Rorworr's group halt. The team defeated the stormtroopers and escaped Cloud City with Doctor Shemza, his Alliance contact, and Shorty.[41][44]

Rorworr's team participated in a mission to purchase blaster rifles for the Rebellion from a Duros smuggler, Hagk Baht, on Tatooine. The group arrived outside of the town of Anchorhead, but a particularly violent sandstorm forced the group to take shelter inside of Tosche Station while waiting for their contact. A squad of Imperial stormtroopers also took refuge within the mechanic's bar. A local Pacithhip spice dealer tried to hide his stash on the Rebels, while Old Ezrim, a local moisture farmer, began to insist that the group were spice dealers. The argument was interrupted when Baht broke over the team's comlink and explained that, although he had escaped an Imperial Customs ship by entering the sandstorm, he had little control over his starship inside the maelstrom. Baht's transmission was cut short as his ship, the Singing Savrip, crashed into the desert. The stormtroopers moved to arrest the Rebels, but were defeated with the help of the lounge's mechanic, Fixer, a pilot by the name of Verzon Tennd, and his droid, Deenine. When the team investigated the crash site of the Singing Savrip, they discovered that Baht had been killed in the impact, but fifty rifles remained intact. Rorworr secured the rifles for the Rebellion.[45]

At some point, Rorworr, Arani Korden, and Deel Surool participated in the Battle of Skorrupon, intercepting High Inquisitor Volytar at his private retreat on Skorrupon, as he tried to board a shuttle and escape to his orbiting Star Destroyer. After battling Volytar and eight destroyer droids in a room filled with pop-up grenade traps, the three became known as the heroes of Skorrupon among the Rebellion, but Rorworr was devastated to receive confirmation of Sia-Lan Wezz's death.[46][47]

Independent explorer[edit | edit source]

After the Battle of Endor, Rorworr passed up service in the New Republic, the nascent government established by the Rebel Alliance, to become an independent explorer.[48] Hoping to put some of his grief behind him,[46] Rorworr quietly began exploring the galaxy alone, piloting a modified Svelte-class shuttle painted with a camouflage scheme.[48]

The Wookiee retained several contacts from his time with the Rebellion, and often tapped them when he encountered problems that he felt needed attention. Occasionally, young Jedi or New Republic operatives were assigned to help Rorworr by their superiors. Rorworr gave the most attention to situations where organizations or individuals sought to desecrate the wilder planets or enslave their inhabitants. A great number of worlds produced stories about how Rorworr brought down a Corporate Sector Authority factory, helped evacuate a threatened animal population, foiled a Hutt slaving ring, or performed some other altruistic task. Ewoks had a particular fondness for the Wookiee, and Rorworr traveled to Endor, the Ewok homeworld, several times in his life.[48]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

Left to right: Rorworr, Chewbacca, and Tyvokka

Sia-Lan: "When Deel goes for the door, we'll have to cover him!"
Rorworr: "OOORRAWK!"
TD0-2: "He says—"
Sia-Lan: "No need to translate, I caught the tone."
―Rorworr gets his point across without translation.[src]

Rorworr was a confident, courageous,[49] and intimidating Wookiee with an insatiable curiosity and wanderlust.[3] He was eager to perform acts of heroism,[1] but had grown more cynical as the Galactic Republic was reshaped into the Empire.[8] Due to his actions, "Rorworr" became a household name across Naboo[50] and produced stories of heroism on over fifty other worlds.[48] The Wookiee found humor in the fact that, despite looking and smelling completely different, he was occasionally mistaken for Chewbacca, another famous Wookiee in the Rebellion. If it served to benefit him or the Rebellion, Rorworr would not correct the misidentification.[8] Rorworr was a very expressive Wookiee and was capable of letting out a mournful hoot[10] or a displeased roar.[22] Rorworr disliked it when he was forced to leave behind temporary allies,[10] but he cherished his friendships and was devastated whenever he lost any of his long-time companions.[46] Although Rorworr often took a liking to young, idealistic heroes, later in life he preferred his solitude and rarely remained with any one group for long.[48]

In Shyriiwook, the name prefix "Ror" translated to "dark, hidden, marsh, swamp," while the suffix "warr" translated to "forest, guide, hunter, scout."[51]

Skills and abilities[edit | edit source]

At 2.2 meters tall[4] and 140 kilograms,[5] Rorworr was a strong and able-bodied scout[48] and gunslinger.[42] His years of evading predators on Kashyyyk aided his ability to move quietly and remain out of sight,[10] while his natural Wookiee strength allowed him to dismember battle droids with his bare hands[22] or hurl humanoids with a single arm.[52] He was able to react quickly to danger[53] and was quick to recover from it. Rorworr was an accomplished mechanic, slicer, pilot, astrogator, and pathfinder.[54] The Wookiee was able to fly freighters with ease,[55] while his N-1 training on Naboo[3] allowed him to deftly maneuver most starfighters.[48]

Rorworr was proficient in martial arts, as well as the use of blaster pistols, blaster rifles, most simple weapons, and the bowcaster, a traditional Wookiee weapon. Although he favored the bowcaster,[48] Rorworr had become an adept quick-draw with blaster pistols.[42] As a Wookiee, Rorworr was only capable of speaking Shyriiwook, although he was able to easily understand Basic, Ewokese, Huttese, Mon Calamarian, and Twi'leki without the help of his translator droid.[48]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

"Adam came up with this early sketch which really captured what I wanted to see. He didn't look at all like Chewbacca, but he was definitely a Wookiee! My favorite feature is the "soul patch" on his chin. It really holds the youthful look together."
―Sean Glenn[src]

Rorworr was created by Wizards of the Coast to be an iconic representation of the Scout class, a character role built around space and on-foot exploration, for their Star Wars Roleplaying Game line. As an iconic character, Rorworr would act as an illustration reference for future supplements as well as provide viewers with the feeling that they are following the Wookiee's adventures. His early visual design was created by Adam Hughes and implemented in Star Wars: Invasion of Theed Adventure Game.[56] Doug Alexander Gregory was tasked with aging the design by a few years for inclusion in the Star Wars Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook, and accomplished the goal after asking questions like, "What does a Wookiee's skull look like?" TD0-2 was created by Bill Slavicsek, who saw the need to give Rorworr a way to speak to his party without breaking suspension of disbelief. Rorworr became one of Art Director Sean Glenn's favorite iconic characters.[57]

Rorworr's official action figure

A 4" Rorworr Hasbro Inc. action figure was included in the box for the Invasion of Theed Adventure Game as an exclusive part of Hasbro's Star Wars: Power of the Jedi toy line. The figure featured six points of articulation, and a bowcaster accessory.[58] While the figure's head was a new sculpt, an older Kenner Products toy mold, Chewbacca as Boushh's bounty from the Star Wars: The Power of the Force (1995 toy line) series, was re-used for Rorworr's body. Despite being a Hasbro release, the figure retained the Kenner stamp on the bottom of one of the figure's feet.[59] Rorworr was the first Star Wars character from a non-computer based roleplaying game to be rendered as an action figure.

Rorworr is often used in examples within Wizards of the Coast sourcebooks, and has been documented as having been played by "Penny,"[4] and "Mike."[34][10] In November 2000, during the Roleplaying Game's launch event in Seattle, Peter Mayhew, Chewbacca's costumed actor, played a demonstration game as Rorworr.[60]

In 2001, five Wizards of the Coast original Star Wars characters received three-page biographical articles on Each article provided a brief history and gameplay stats at three different points in each characters' life. The first was Dané, in February.[61] Toba, was next, in March,[62] then Kelko in April,[63] and the human Force Adept, Valara Saar, in May.[64] In June, Rorworr was the last original Wizards of the Coast iconic character to receive a web article, written by Jeff Grubb.[65]

In 2003, the video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, developed by BioWare and set in 3956 BBY, was released. One side quest in the game charged players with locating a minor Wookiee character sharing the name Rorworr. Though this Rorworr was only found as a corpse, it was revealed that Wookiee had captured several fellow Wookiees and sold them as slaves.[66]

In the Star Wars Roleplaying Game Saga Edition Core Rulebook, the former fringer Kelko replaces Rorworr as the iconic Scout, while Rorworr was pictured as the iconic Gunslinger, a prestige class.[42] Rorworr was still used as both a Scout and a Gunslinger in examples of play.[10]

RPG elements[edit | edit source]

Roleplaying game adventures are, by design, typically written to compensate for the unpredictable nature of player actions. For all roleplaying game adventures, this article assumes that the heroes successfully follow the general outline and specific goals described in the adventures, without deviating dramatically.

This article assumes that all example scenarios of Rorworr in the Star Wars Roleplaying Game's Core Rulebook, its successors, and their supplements are canon.

"Confirmed" adventures[edit | edit source]

Two examples of Rorworr game tiles

This article assumes Rorworr's participation as a player character in the Star Wars: Invasion of Theed Adventure Game and all supplemental Adventure Games that indicate that they were designed to use characters, rules, game tokens, and other assets from Invasion of Theed. These adventures include The Predators, Smugglers of Naboo Fast-Play Game,[13] Signal Interruption,[15] The Fall of Cloud City,[41] A Night at Tosche Station,[45] Peril in the Ionosphere,[27] and Battle in the Streets![25]

Rorworr is never mentioned by name in Secrets of Naboo or the included adventure, Peril on Naboo. However, an image appearing near the end of the adventure depicts the visually distinct Wookiee, alongside Sia-Lan Wezz and Deel Surool, apprehending Gode Takrab and examining his forged holovid, suggesting that Rorworr was one of the heroes in the adventure.[23] Rorworr's participation was later confirmed by The Official Star Wars Fact File 91, published by De Agostini.[16]

Further adventures[edit | edit source]

Rorworr was used in a live example game with celebrity players during the Seattle RPG Launch Event. Rorworr (Peter Meyhew) accompanies Dorn Tavers (Jake Lloyd),[60] Deel Surool (Drew Struzan), and Vor'en Kurn (Adam Hughes).[67] Dorn Tavers attacked a group of non-humans without warning, leaving Rorworr and the others to back him up.[60] However, Tavers soon turned on his allies, too.[68]

Rorworr is depicted in an illustration among the pages of Shadows of Coruscant, an adventure printed in the Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook; however, the illustration does not appear to depict a scene from the adventure.[52]

A Night at Tosche Station, an Adventure Game/Fast Play supplement set during the Rebellion era, indicates that it can be linked to the end of a previous Roleplaying Game supplement, The Storm's Edge, by changing that adventure's setting to be near Anchorhead rather than near Mos Eisley.[45]

A wookiee that appears to be Rorworr, along with figures that appear to be Arani Korden and Rann I-Kanu, is pictured on the wrap-around cover of Tempest Feud, a large adventure written by Jeff Grubb and Owen K.C. Stephens and published in March 2002 by Wizards of the Coast. However, Rorworr is not depicted within the adventure,[69]. Scourge, a novelization of Tempest Feud written by Jeff Grubb, was released in 2012 without any references to Rorworr.[70]

The web article, Meet Rorworr: Wookiee Scout, differs from the previous four write-ups of Wizards-original characters. Meet Rorworr was credited to Jeff Grubb,[65] while the others were written by Cory J. Herndon. All of the articles include the tag, "Look for [this character]'s equipment in our equipment image gallery!" However, while the other characters' articles twice list, "Use [This character] in a new adventure based on our Adventure Hook Generator,"[61][62][63][64] Rorworr's articles are tagged with: "Make Rorworr your hero in our Star Wars fast-play game!" and "Play Rorworr in your Secrets of Tatooine campaign!"[65] While Between Sand and Sky is the only campaign that was packaged with the supplement, Secrets of Tatooine is a sourcebook designed to help develop or create any adventure that involves Tatooine.[71]

Discrepancies[edit | edit source]

Text in The Official Star Wars Fact File 91 confirms Rorworr, Surool, Galak, Korden and "Dane" as being a part of Mett Habble's Naboo Resistance. While it is likely that Fact File refers to the handmaiden "Dané", all of the images that have captions referencing "Dane" instead depict the Jedi Sia-Lan Wezz.[16] The error is reprinted in Part 33 of De Agostini's 2014 revised run of The Official Star Wars Fact File.[72]

Although Rorworr is noted as a participating member in the operations of both Mett Habble's Naboo Resistance[16] and Lucos Dannt's Naboo Underground,[3] the two organizations otherwise appear to be unaffiliated resistance cells. Mett Habble informs the heroes of Queen Amidala's escape to Coruscant within hours of Theed's invasion, and the heroes accompany Habble to a meeting with the Queen soon after her ship lands in the swamp.[18] However, members of the Naboo Underground are told that the fate of the Queen is still unknown late into the occupation.[20] In addition, the Heroes of the Underground are aimlessly patrolling occupied Theed, seemly unaware that the Queen has returned to Naboo, when they encounter the disguised Sabé within Theed as the second battle for the capital begins.[24]

Peril on Naboo indicates that the strategy meeting with Queen Amidala's forces, the Gungans, and the Naboo Resistance takes place at the landing site for the Queen's royal starship.[18] However, most other iterations of Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace indicate that the meeting takes place elsewhere, after the Trade Federation forces have located and secured the Queen's ship.[14]

In The First Game Session, an example scenario from the Roleplaying Game: Saga Edition Core Rulebook set weeks prior to the Battle of Geonosis, the Gamemaster "Michelle" says, "You've all noticed each other, but you don't know each other yet."[34] This conflicts with the established idea that Rorworr, Sia-Lan Wezz, and Deel Surool worked together in the Naboo Underground[1] and the Naboo Resistance.[16] For the purposes of this article, it is assumed that the GM means the characters don't know Vor'en Kurn, yet.

A line on page 160 of Galactic Campaign Guide says, "Rorworr takes his ship on a grand tour of the galaxy, eventually falling into obscurity as he tries to forget the loss of Sia-Lan at the battle of Skorrupon."[46] Although Wezz is pictured in in-universe proganda after the destruction of Alderaan,[73] the concept that Wezz was killed during the Battle of Skorrupon conflicts with the later published Star Wars: Purge, which illustrates the young Jedi being slain by Darth Vader on Kessel within months of Order 66.[40] For the purposes of this article, the line is interpreted as: "At the battle of Skorrupon, Rorworr decides to take his ship on a grand tour of the galaxy, eventually falling into obscurity as he tries to forget the loss of Sia-Lan."

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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