"I mean the Republic, building its Starlight Beacon out in my territory. Invading, taking over, with all its rules and laws and particular brand of freedom that isn't free at all. And you Jedi always just behind, absolutely convinced that every action you take is right and good. My family learned that to its cost, long ago."
―Marchion Ro[src]

The Ros were a family of a humanoid species, members of which included the Eyes of the Nihil Asgar Ro and his son Marchion Ro. Hailing from a homeworld, the family had a history entwined with the Jedi and a mysterious artifact, both of which Marchion believed to be connected to bad things which had befallen his ancestors;[2] "the faithful" of the family and the Jedi had entered into conflict over their differing views on "balance." Additionally, the faithful revered a being called the Great Leveler, not as a god, but as an agent of balance. The artifact[3] that caused the family so much trouble[2] was in fact a tool to control the Leveller.[3]

Several generations of the family had also held the hyperspace prospector Mari San Tekka prisoner to utilize her ability to discover the Paths, difficult-to-traverse hyperspace routes.[2] Marchion suspected most of his family would try to attack him if they ever reunited, although his cousin Kufa did not share that sentiment. Following their losses to the Jedi, most of the family had dropped their faith, yet Marchion, while speaking to Kufa, said he never abandoned their rituals. Upon unleashing the Leveler to use against the Jedi[3] to fulfill his family's revenge,[2] he murdered Kufa.[3]

Family tree[]

Shalla Ro's mother[1]
Asgar Ro's grandfather[1]
Shalla Ro[1]
Asgar Ro's father[1]
Asgar Ro[1]
Marchion Ro[1]


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