"Rose Knows" is a story that focuses on Rose Tico after her transfer to the Raddus. It was published as the lead story of Star Wars Adventures (2017) 6 on January 17, 2018.[1]

Plot summary[]

Aboard the Raddus[]

"But I feel I'll be more use tomorrow if I fully understand the ship."
―Rose to Fossil[src]

Onboard the MC85 Star Cruiser the Raddus, Rose Tico was looking over the design of the Raddus when fellow Resistance member, Lazslo told her to help with the evacuation but Rose protested that she had helped enough. She went over to her sister Paige Tico who told her to get some sleep. Rose promised her she would after she looked over the mechanics of the Raddus, some were in Calamarian. Paige left and Rose went back to studying the ship. Poe Dameron came by and complimented her on the work she and the other Resistance mechanics have been doing. He also noted that he lost his way on the ship, having trouble deciphering the Mon Calamari signs. He left and Rose was very surprised to meet the Resistance pilot.

Out in space, Poe Dameron was patrolling the area around them in his T-70 X-wing starfighter, the Black One. He was relieved to be able to fly his starfighter instead of reading diagrams.

TIE fighter attack[]

"Commander Dameron is alone. I need you to fix that now!"
―General Leia[src]

Back in the Raddus, Fossil was also trying to convince Rose to go to sleep as she would be very important for the next day's total system reboot. Rose insisted she was fine and Fossil let her be. Rose let out a yawn but as she was doing so the emergency alarm bellowed out around the ship. Commander Dameron was was being chased down by ten First Order TIE fighters but the hangar bay doors would not open for him to escape, leaving him alone with the TIE fighters. Rose and all of the other flight technicians were ordered to report to the control room immediately.

At the control room, General Leia Organa ordered the technicians to fix the jammed automation refit so Poe could reenter the Raddus. Poe was asking for backup as he maneuvered around the TIE fighters. Rose ran over to the manuals as other technicians ran over to other spots. As Rose was studying over the guides, Poe Dameron reported in over the headset, asking for assistance from any pilots. Rose told him that the pilots were ready but the hangar bay doors were jammed. Poe replied that he recognized her voice and told her to use her skills they talked about beforehand. That's when Rose had an idea and started to push at the door. Over the headset, Lazslo reported to General Organa that the problem was more complex than they had originally thought. The General told him that no one in the control room could get the manual reboot code to work as time was running out. As Poe was still fighting the TIE fighters he asked Rose for an update. She told him the problem but was interrupted before she could finish by Poe who didn't want to hear about any problems.

Rose solves the problem[]

"They might not know, but I do. I'm proud of you little sister."
―Paige Tico to Rose[src]

Lazslo yelled at Rose from the door, shouting at her to hurry up. Rose calmly replied to him that she was not making the situation worse. Poe told her it was smart to not let Lazslo get to her head and to stay calm. General Leia came over the comms and told her to access the downloaded schematics, instating her trust in her. As Poe was asking for Rose's name, his starfighter was critically shot by a TIE fighter, begging the Resistance technicians to get the hangar doors open. Rose continued her search until she found what she needed, the "Calamarian failsafe automatic reboot code." She inserted the codes as everyone looked on desperately. The code worked and the bay doors opened. Poe immediately entered the hangar as Resistance X-wing starfighters rushed out and destroyed the TIE fighters.

The X-wings landed and everyone celebrated around Rose as they survived to fight on another day. Paige gave Rose a hugging knowing what she had done.


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