"You know the difference between the boss and me? It's that he likes you."
―Rosey to Merei Spanjaf[src]

Rosey was a female Rodian who was a member of the Gray Syndicate on the planet Lothal.[2] She was killed by stormtroopers when the Galactic Empire raided Ake's Tavern, the headquarters of the Gray Syndicate.[1]


Rosey was a green-skinned Rodian with a mane of crimson spikes that seemed to clash wildly with her green skin. She was already working with the Gray Syndicate when Merei Spanjaf sought the criminal cartel's aid approximately four years before the Battle of Yavin and seemed to be a well-established member of the group. She was immediately suspicious of Spanjaf and ordered her fellow Syndicate members to search her after she first arrived seeking the group's services, which they did none too gently. She expressed annoyance by wrinkling her nose when Spanjaf was granted two minutes with the group's boss, Yahenna Laxo.[2]

Rosey did not kindly to Spanjaf and expressed a desire to Laxo to allow her to shoot her. Laxo, however, appreciated Spanjaf's quick wits and thus Rosey was forced to continue to accept Spanjaf's presence in the group's ranks, as she was extremely loyal to Laxo. She disliked having to keep Spanjaf's jumpspeeder in the back of the Syndicate's speeder van. She was occasionally amused in spite of herself by Spanjaf's witty remarks to the group's other members, but warned Spanjaf to watch her mouth around her. She came to feel she had a handle on Spanjaf, but met her demise when Ake's Tavern, the headquarters of the Gray Syndicate, was raided by Imperial operatives.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Rosey had an intimidating manner and an acid tongue. She was known to curse in the Rodian language when irritated. She was able to keep in line some of the Gray Syndicate's tetchier members, such as Ort. She held no love for Merei Spanjaf and was disappointed that the Gray Syndicate's boss, Yahenna Laxo, had taken a shine to her, having once expressed a desire to shoot her. Despite this, she was completely loyal to Laxo and knew enough to not get on his bad side. She considered anything she did for the Syndicate to be "just business."[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Rosey made her first appearance in 2015's Servants of the Empire: Rebel in the Ranks, the second entry of the Servants of the Empire, a series of junior novels by Jason Fry.[2]


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