Rosita Turuy was a female human Imperial cadet who attended the Royal Imperial Academy on Coruscant. She, like the majority of her classmates and the faculty of the Academy, was surprised and displeased by the arrival of Thrawn, an alien from the Unknown Regions who defied the xenophobia running rampant throughout the Galactic Empire, and so she conspired with Spenc Orbar and several other classmates to get rid of him. First, she and Orbar invited Thrawn to the metallurgy lab to gamble, an activity strictly forbidden by the Academy, in an effort to get him caught doing so. This attempt failed when Thrawn brandished a lieutenant's plaque Commandant Deenlark, the president of the Academy, had given him in order to hasten his graduation. When an instructor Orbar had discreetly called for burst in, he saw the plaque and had no choice but to leave them to their activities, as lieutenants were allowed in the metallurgy lab. Turuy, Orbar, and their fellow conspirators resorted to physically attacking Thrawn, but thanks to intervention from Eli Vanto, Thrawn's aide, this attempt also failed. Thrawn and Vanto later reported the attack to Commandant Deenlark, who was surprised when Thrawn, instead of demanding that his assailants be punished, recommended that they be transferred to Skystrike Academy, as he had noted while under attack from them that they had displayed tremendous aptitude as fighter pilots. Deenlark granted Thrawn's request, and in a stroke of genius on Thrawn's part, Turuy and Orbar's co-conspirators disappeared without a trace, leaving them paranoid and unsure of their fate.[3]

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  1. The Del Rey timeline places Thrawn before A New Dawn. Star Wars Rebels: The Visual Guide dates Kanan Jarrus and Hera Syndulla's first meeting in A New Dawn to six years before Star Wars Rebels, which according to Star Wars: Galactic Atlas, begins in 5 BBY. This means A New Dawn takes place in 11 BBY, so the beginning of Thrawn must occur by 11 BBY. At the beginning of Thrawn, Rosita Turuy was a student at the Royal Imperial Academy. Star Wars: Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide states that the youngest Imperial Academies begin training Cadets is "13 standard years of age." Therefore, Turuy was born at least thirteen years earlier, by 24 BBY.
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