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"The most gracious Jabba has one more small condition: he demands you bring back the slime who kidnapped his little…punky muffin."
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Rotta, nicknamed "Pedunkee Mufkin" (translated as Punky Muffin) by his father and also nicknamed "Stinky" by Ahsoka Tano, was a male Hutt and the son of Jabba the Hutt. During the Clone Wars, he was secretly kidnapped by the Confederacy of Independent Systems, which was orchestrated by Count Dooku with help from Ziro, Rotta's great-uncle. The plot was meant to discredit the Jedi Order and scuttle negotiations between the Galactic Republic and the Hutts, but the Jedi were able to rescue him. He was kidnapped by Asajj Ventress and taken to the planet Teth. Then the Jedi came and got him. He then became sick and nearly died on his way to Tatooine, but survived thanks to Tano.[2]

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Rotta appears in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars film, where he was vocalized by David Acord.[2] Per Supervising Director Dave Filoni's initial series concept, Rotta was intended to be a character in the series alongside his father, Jabba. The concept was later developed into the theatrical film.[3]

Rotta's part in the story of The Clone Wars film and him being carried by Anakin on his back was inspired by the 1989 Samurai movie Shogun's Shadow.[4]



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