Rou Cheryen was a Jedi Master of the Jedi Order who oversaw the reconstruction of the Noetikons, precious Jedi artifacts, after they were damaged on Coruscant. After spending months working to rebuild the artifacts with help from the Exploration Corps, Cheryen was astonished to learn that the Barsen'thor, the Jedi responsible for recovering the Noetikons in the first place, had managed to activate the Noetikons simply by walking up to them in the Jedi Archives. After the Barsen'thor departed, the Noetikons started reactivating to polite requests, and Cheryen managed a brief conversation with one of the gatekeepers, Noab Hulis, before the replacement energy grid went into flux. Cheryen later wrote to the Barsen'thor, thanking the other Jedi Master for the aid.


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