The Rout of Hensara was a battle fought by a small New Republic force to recover the Battle of Yavin from Hensara III.

The Battle of Yavin had been forced to crash on Hensara III to escape the Imperial Strike-class cruiser Havoc. The Havoc landed an AT-AT walker and some stormtroopers to locate and capture the ship and its crew, then withdrew from the system. This gave the New Republic a window of opportunity to recover the frigate. Rogue Squadron, the CR90 corvette Eridain, and the Baudo-class yacht Pulsar Skate entered the system, and two flights of X-wings entered Hensara III's atmosphere while the remaining four fighters remained in orbit to patrol for Imperial forces.

The Havoc then re-entered the system, its configuration altered to carry three starfighter squadrons. It launched 24 TIE/LN starfighters, 6 TIE Interceptors, and 6 TIE/sa bombers, with the bombers being sent to destroy the Battle of Yavin on the ground. The ensuing battle went very poorly for the Imperial pilots, with only two of them managing to survive. The Imperial ground forces were also wiped out. The Pulsar Skate recovered the Battle of Yavin's crew, and the Havoc fled the system.



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