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Routine is an 8-page comic that featured in Star Wars Tales #2 and Star Wars Collectible Bonus Magazine. It was written by Tony Isabella. The story takes place in 5 BBY.

Plot summary[]

Routine includes the first known depiction of a Carrack-class cruiser's bridge.

The Vigilant, an Imperial ship under the control of Captain Deyd Llnewe on border patrol duties, stops a Corellian corvette called Jaina's Light piloted by Han Solo. Llnewe orders Lieutenant Raprice to perform a Level One search of the ship but he finds nothing.

The next time Jaina's Light crosses the Vigilant's patrol route, Llnewe orders a Level Two inspection, as he is sure there is more to Solo than meets the eye. The inspection once again shows nothing suspicious.

The third time the Vigilant intercepts the Jaina's Light, Captain Llnewe, frustrated, demands a Level Five inspection, but his orthodox suboordinate, Lieutenant Raprice, counsels the captain not to abandon their normal duties on a suspicion. Jaina's Light is cleared to leave, but Captain Llnewe realizes that they have inspected three different ships, not one, and Solo is smuggling spaceships, not cargo. The Vigilant opens fire on Solo but he is long gone by then.


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