Routine Valor is a comic set during the Clone Wars, covering the Battle of Sarrish. It was released for Free Comic Book Day 2006 as part of a Star Wars-Conan combination.

Publisher's summary[edit | edit source]

Dark Horse is pleased to announce its 2006 Free Comic Book Day offering will be in the form of a special split issue featuring original Star Wars and Conan material. Each story is ten pages long and the content for both is appropriate for all ages.

Our Star Wars tale "Routine Valor" is set during the Clone Wars and features Commander Cody and his troops in an indefensible position facing an unassailable enemy. Star Wars: Routine Valor features story by Randy Stradley with art by Doug Wheatley.

In the Conan story "The Spear", a sorcerer receives a vision about a tremendous force washing over the world, and decides it's a prophecy ordering him to revive his sleeping god - but he should have considered it fair warning about his own run-in with Conan! "The Spear" features story by Tim Truman with art by Paul Lee and Dave Stewart.

Free Comic Book Day is Saturday May 6, 2006.

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