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"Rowan's Secret Adventure" is the third of five animated short videos released on May 4, 2017 to promote the second season of LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures.[5] It was released on the LEGO Star Wars website.[1] On June 17, "Rowan's Secret Adventure" and the other four short videos were released in an omnibus episode called "A New Home" that was released on the LEGO Star Wars website.[6]

Official description[]

Rowan winds up in a Y-Wing's tailgunner seat in the middle of an intense battle against the Empire.[1]

Plot summary[]

Lieutenant Valeria briefs rebel pilots from Blue Squadron for the upcoming attack on the Imperial Strike Station Aurek. Using a hologram display, Valeria proposes dropping a proton torpedo into a thermal exhaust port just like the Death Star. Rowan Freemaker uses a stack of containers to eavesdrop on Valeria's briefing. Zander and Kordi are preoccupied with servicing the rebel starfighters. Roger has baked some sweet-sand cookies to celebrate the occasion but accidentally burns them with an engine exhaust.

Roger bumps into the stack of containers Rowan is standing on, causing a domino effect that damages all of the starfighters in Home One's hangar bay. Kordi and Zander are horrified and Roger tries to pin the blame on Rowan. Rowan sees that Lieutenant Valeria and her squadron are about to depart the briefing room for the mission. Rowan warns the Freemakers that they are coming and Kordi frets that they will be fired out of a torpedo tube into a blazing sun. Rowan tells his siblings that he and Roger will fix it and tells them to buy them time.

Kordi and Zander try to delay Valeria and Blue Squadron by blocking their path with the S-foil of an X-wing starfighter. Meanwhile, Rowan uses the Force to rebuild the starfighters while Roger helps to fix the parts. As Zander and Kordi pretend to move the S-foil through the tight corridor, Roger accidentally drills his feet into the astromech socket of a Y-wing starfighter. Valeria manages to get pass the S-foil by blasting it with her blaster. Kordi and Zander panicked but are mollified to discover the Rowan and Roger have already repaired the starfighters.

However, Roger is trapped in the astromech socket of a Y-wing. Rowan tries to free him but Valeria boards the same Y-wing, without noticing the two Freemakers. Lieutenant Valeria's co-pilot and astromech droid are left behind. Kordi and Zander fret that things have gone very wrong. In space, the rebel fighters dodge Imperial turbolasers at Strike Base Aurek. When Roger cries stop, Rowan covers for him by saying "no stop till we beat the Empire." Rowan tells Roger to pretend to be an R6 unit.

When Valeria tells Rowan to lock down the attack vector, he pretends to fiddle with the controls. Two TIE fighters pursue their Y-wing and Rowan shoots them out of the sky. One collides with a pinnacle. As Valeria flies to the thermal exhaust port, Roger frets that he has not fixed it. When the proton bomb exhaust pipe malfunctions, Rowan uses the Force to release it into the thermal exhaust port. Strike Station Aurek blows up with Rowan and Valeria likening it to the Death Star's destruction.

After returning to Home One, Rowan uses his lightsaber to cut a hole for him and Roger to climb down from the Y-wing. Zander and Kordi praise Rowan and tell him that the Force is with them. Meanwhile, Valeria compliments her bemused co-pilot and astromech droid for their efforts; not realizing they were aboard her Y-wing.


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