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Rowan Freemaker was an individual that lived during the Imperial Era. He was a relative to both Kordi, Pace, and Moxie Freemaker. At some point, Rowan and the B1-series battle droid R0-GR were saved by DLC-13.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

"Rowan is this confident and curious, adventurous little twelve-year old boy with energy for everybody. His brothers and sisters always say "Don't touch anything" cause he's always putting himself in some sort of trouble."
―Nicholas Cantu on Rowan Freemaker[src]

Concept art of Rowan Freemaker from Season Two (Left) and Season One (Right) from the 2017 Celebration Orlando LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures panel.

Rowan Freemaker is voiced by child actor Nicolas Cantu.[2] He is one of the four main protagonists of the non-Canon Disney XD animated TV series LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures, which premiered on June 20, 2016.

Non-canon biography[]


Lena and Pace Freemaker were the parents of Rowan, Kordi, and Zander.

Rowan Freemaker was a young human boy who lived during the Imperial Era.[3] He was born to Lena and Pace Freemaker.[4] Rowan's sister Kordi Freemaker and brother Zander Freemaker became scavengers known as the Freemakers and also had a B1-series battle droid servant R0-GR, commonly called “Roger”.[3] Rowan, Kordi, Zander, and R0-GR lived at a space station called the Wheel in the Abrion system, where they operated a starship repair garage called Freemaker Salvage and Repair. Rowan and his family operated a starship called the StarScavenger, which they used for their work and travels.[3]

Searching for the Kyber Saber[]

A New Path[]

Rowan and Roger encounter Naare

Following the Battle of Hoth, Rowan and his siblings were traveling in space when they stumbled upon the wreckage resulting from a dogfight between Imperial TIE fighters and Rebel Alliance X-wings. After collecting some material, Rowan accidentally destroyed a nearby Gozanti-class cruiser. To avoid detection, the Freemakers returned to their garage in the Wheel where they were greeted by their Aqualish landlord Furlac and Roger, who had been baking cookiees.[3]

While Zander and Kordi were cobbling up a starship from battle wreckage, Rowan accidentally swung a pole into the head of an AT-ST walker. The AT-ST head fired a blast into Zander's starship, destroying it. As a result, Rowan and the other Freemakers including Roger traveled to the jungle world of Nal Kapok to obtain spareparts. While Zander and Kordi went out to explore the jungle, Rowan was ordered to stay behind with Roger. However, Rowan disobeyed his siblings' orders and snuck out of the ship with Roger. While trying to avoid a stormtrooper patrol, the two stumbled into a hole which led to an underground pool and cave. There, they were attacked by a dianoga. Before the dianoga could devour them, Rowan and Roger were saved by a lightsaber–wielding woman called Naare, who introduced herself as a Jedi survivor of the Clone Wars.[3]

Rowan, Roger, and Naare discovered the hilt of an ancient weapon called the Kyber Saber. Naare recounted that the Kyber Saber had been built by Baird Kantoo, a wise Jedi Master, who had forged the weapon out of pure kyber crystals. After realizing the danger of the Kyber Saber, he had it smashed into several pieces and instructed a group of other Jedi to hide the crystals throughout the galaxy. Kantoo feared that the Kyber Saber could be used for evil purposes. Realizing that Rowan was Force-sensitive, Naare convinced him to assist her in her quest to find the other pieces of the Kyber Saber so that they could use it against the Empire.[3]

After returning to the surface, Rowan discovered that Zander and Kordi had been captured by stormtroopers. Rowan came to their rescue and attacked the Imperials with a vintage AT-TE walker. However, the walker broke down and Rowan was quickly surrounded by the stormtroopers. Fortunately for him and his siblings, Naare then intervened and used her lightsaber to overpower and drive the stormtroopers away. The Freemakers befriended Naare and brought her back to the Wheel. Once back at the Wheel, Naare told Rowan that he had a special ability to sense the crystals and offered to train him in the ways of the Force; which the boy happily obliged. Unknown to Rowan, Naare was a Sith agent who worked for Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader.[3]

Trouble with Graballa[]

Roger and Rowan in the mines of Graballa

Following their adventures on Nal Kapok, Naare began to train Rowan in the ways of the Force. Bored with levitating a brick, Rowan decided to play with Naare's blue lightsaber. Naare then reminded Rowan to focus on his lesson and showed the boy a holomap of the galaxy. The boy quickly sensed a Kyber Saber crystal in the Belgaroth asteroid field. Naare then convinced Rowan to accompany her to the Belgaroth system. However, they were caught by Kordi and an argument quickly ensued between the adults. While the adults were distracted, Rowan decided to proceed with the quest on his own and traveled there on one of Zander's Z-wings with Roger.[5]

Rowan and Roger eventually stumbled on a mining facility in the Belgaroth asteroid field that was owned by the Hutt crime lord Graballa. Rowan let the Force guide him through the mining complex with Roger tailing behind. In his trance-like state, Rowan found the second kyber crystal wedge into a rock over a large vat of magma. Rowan was saved from death by a mining droid that had befriended Roger. Before the two could leave the mining facility, they encountered two Iktotchi bounty hunters named Baash and Raam.[5]

Donning an Ugnaught helmet, Rowan pretended to be an Ugnaught bounty hunter. Viewing Rowan as a potential recruit, Baash and Raam took him to Graballa's starship Rancor's Fist. Despite Rowan's supposed "strength", he and Roger were easily bested by Graballa's leading bounty hunter, Dengar. During the brief melee, Rowan lost his helmet and Graballa and his henchmen quickly learned that the boy was not a bounty hunter. Graballa also took an interest in Rowan's Kyber Saber crystal, which was a rare and valuable commodity.[5]

Desiring the kyber crystal for himself, Graballa ordered Rowan and Roger to be fed to his pet nexu Smiley in an attempt to force the boy to show him where the other crystal were. Before the execution could be carried out, Graballa was contacted by his cousin Jabba. Graballa wanted to used the kyber crystal to fund a beachside resort but Jabba disagreed and cut the conversation. Before Graballa could resume with his torture, Rowan's siblings Kordi, Zander, and Naare arrived.[5]

While Kordi and Zander tried to sell Rowan's Z-wing to Graballa, Naare freed Rowan and Roger from their restraints and used the Force to quieten the nexu. Before they could sneak away, Graballa spotted them. Together, the Freemakers and Naare fled on the Z-wing and smashed through a window; causing the kyber crystal to be sucked out into space. Graballa sent several starfighters led by Dengar after them but Naare used the Force to clear a path through the asteroid field and to destroy most of the pursuing starfighters. This display of Force power impressed Rowan and his siblings.[5]

After returning to the StarScavenger, Rowan apologized to his siblings for leaving the Freemaker Garage without permission. Rowan also wanted to apologize to Naare for losing the kyber crystal. Suddenly, Rowan sensed the crystal and convinced his siblings to take the ship to the location. The Freemakers eventually found the second Kyber Saber crystal floating in space. After retrieving it, Rowan was praised by Naare; who had attempted to destroy their ship in a fit of rage. Due to his actions in the Belgaroth asteroid field, Rowan attracted the attention of Graballa who wanted to obtain the Kyber Saber crystals for his own pecuniary gain.[5]

Rescuing Zander[]

Rowan and Kordi learn about Zander's troubles

Later, the Freemakers received a service job from fellow Wheel resident Wick Cooper to repair his vintage N-1 starfighter. Knowing that Zander was a starship enthusiast with poor impulse control, Kordi instructed Rowan to keep their brother distracted while Roger brought the starfighter into the garage. Rowan tried to distract Zander by getting him to tie himself with a rope and to repair equipment while blindfolded. However, Zander was still able to smell the chromium of the N-1. Rowan tried to stop his brother from entering the starfighter and a tussle broke out. This drew their sister Kordi's attention. Kordi warned Zander to control himself because Cooper was their latest customer in a long time. When Cooper rang the buzzer to make a list of "excessive demands", Zander took advantage of his siblings' momentary distraction to take the N-1 for a joyride.[6]

After Zander's escape, Kordi reprimanded Rowan for not doing more to restrain their older brother. When Cooper entered the garage, Kordi and Rowan claimed that the starship was "in the back." They then took Cooper back to the reception and offered to pay more attention to his starship. When Rowan offered to do a "wax job", Kordi was upset but still pretended to play along. While waiting for Zander to return, Rowan and Roger pretended to repair the starship by banging equipment in the garage. Rowan claimed that the ship had several faults as a pretext for their "delays." Shortly later, Rowan and Kordi received a hologram call from Zander, who had been captured by the Imperial Star Destroyer Vendetta for "disrupting" Imperial business. After ruling out bounty hunters, the two decided to seek Naare's help.[6]

Naare was reluctant to help until Rowan suggested that it was a Jedi test. Rowan and Kordi traveled to the Vendetta on a modified Class-D cargo container while Naare traveled in her Eclipse Fighter. Despite a faulty transponder, Rowan managed to save himself and his sister from getting their ship blown up by using the Force to fix it. The Freemakers then landed their ship in the Star Destroyer's hangar bay. While traveling down a corridor, they encountered two stormtroopers but were saved by Naare. After avoiding two Imperial officers, they managed to find their way to Zander's cell. After rescuing Rowan, the Freemakers and Naare made their way back to the hangar bay only to be confronted by Darth Vader and his stormtroopers.[6]

While Naare slipped away into the garbage chute, the Freemakers confronted Vader. After failing to convince the Sith Lord that they were not spies, Zander confessed that he had merely taken an N-1 starfighter on a joyride. Upon seeing the N-1 starfighter, Vader took the ship for a joyride and was immediately caught up in a dogfight with Imperial TIE fighters. Amidst the dogfight, Rowan used a comlink to order the tractor beam projector to draw the N-1 starfighter back into the hangar. While Vader was distracted by his stormtroopers, the Freemakers and Naare took the opportunity to return to the Wheel in their ships including Cooper's N-1 starfighter. Upon arriving back at The Wheel, Cooper was enraged that his N-1 starfighter had been totally wrecked. As compensation, the Freemakers offered Cooper Zander's Blazemaker prototype. When the ship malfunctioned and blew up, Cooper threatened to sue them.[6]

Calrissian's Lost Treasure[]
"I'm an appropriately tall adult person capable of retrieving this precious cargo."
"I'm sorry, Mr. Appropriately Tall. I'm only hiring real adult persons."
"Looks to me like you're not hiring anybody. I've got a ship and a crew, and we could handle your grab-and-go job, no problem. Is that real enough for you?"
"Is everyone on your crew as tall as you?"
―Rowan Freemaker and Lando Calrissian[src]

Rowan Freemaker using the Force to repair the cable in Cloud City's engine room with Kordi and Zander watching

Later, Rowan continued his Jedi training under Naare's instruction. Struggling to use the Force to connect two bricks, a frustrated Rowan threw the objects into air. The bricks hit Zander, who asked his brother what was troubling him. In an attempt to cheer Rowan up, Zander took his brother to watch a podrace in the Wheel's Lower Ring. While Zander was distracted, Rowan encountered Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca. The former was trying to recruit bounty hunters to recover his "lost treasure" from Cloud City.[7]

After the other bounty hunters including Graballa's henchmen Dengar, Baash and Raam proved unwilling to accept the job, Rowan volunteered. Calrissian was reluctant to hire a child but relented after Rowan assured him that he had a ship. While Kordi and Zander were annoyed with their brother for not consulting them, they took up the offer because they were short on money. Together, they traveled on the StarScavenger to Cloud City. The Freemakers managed to bluff their way in by posing as repair mechanics going to the Carbon-freeze chamber.[7]

While Kordi headed to Calrissian's disco pad to recover his "lost treasure", Rowan and Zander headed to the carbon-freeze chamber. Using the Force, Rowan managed to repair the tube, which had been damaged during Darth Vader's duel with Luke Skywalker. However, Rowan got himself accidentally frozen in carbonite in the process. Kordi arrived but was joined by Naare, Dengar, Baash and Raam. During a brief skirmish, Dengar and his associates managed to steal Rowan's frozen body after recognizing the boy from their earlier encounter in the Belgaroth asteroid field.[7]

Before the gangsters could escape with Rowan, Zander used Naare's lightsaber to sever a cable connecting Cloud City's repulsorlift generator; causing the city to slip into the depths of Bespin. Amidst the chaos, the Freemakers and Naare managed to recover Rowan's body and the "lost treasure". After being defrosted from carbonite, Rowan, despite his hibernation sickness, managed to use the Force to reconnect the repusorlift cable in Cloud City's engine room; causing the city to return to its normal floating position. After returning to the Wheel, the Freemakers handed Calrissian his "lost treasure", which turned out to be his blue cape. In return, Calrissian paid them with bars of gold.[7]

Mission to Kashyyyk[]

Rowan and his siblings rescue Tantarra

Rowan later joined his older siblings and Roger on a mission to obtain a piece of wroshyr wood from the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk. Behind on their rent payment, Kordi had accepted a job from the Twi'lek captain Ignacio Wortan to obtain the wroshyr wood for his new dashboard. Rowan had been learning how to speak Shyriiwook, the Wookiee language. However, Kordi turned down his offer to serve as a translator and instead outfitted Roger with a translation chip. After evading the Imperial blockade above Kashyyyk, the Freemakers managed to land on the planet.[8]

Upon landing, the Freemakers were accosted by a group of Wookiees led by Chief Attiburra, who damaged Roger. However, Rowan managed to use his Shyriiwook language skills to convince the Wookiees they were not a threat. After Rowan and Roger explained the reason for their visit, Attiburra gave them the piece of wroshyr wood in return for rescuing his son Tantarra, who had been imprisoned by the Trandoshans in an island fortress. The Trandoshans were allies of the Empire and were using Tantarra as a hostage to ensure the Wookiees' compliance. Kordi and Zander tried to walk out of the deal but Rowan and Roger convinced them to continue with the mission in order to avoid antagonizing the Wookiees.[8]

While Roger stayed behind with the StarScavenger, Rowan and his siblings traveled on speeder bikes to the Trandoshans island fortress. They managed to used an improvised catapult to breach the fortress. After tricking the guards into thinking they were repair crew, the Freemakers managed to rescue Tantarra from his cell. Having achieved their objective, the Freemakers and Tantarra proceeded to the top of the tower to rendezvous with Roger and the StarScavenger. Before they could leave, Rowan sensed the presence of the third Kyber Saber crystal through the Force. This discovery coincided with the Imperial officers Durpin and Plumestriker discovering their presence and the Wookiees launching an attack on the Trandoshans.[8]

Rowan led his brother, sister, and Tantarra into a chamber where they retrieved the kyber crystal from a Trandoshans statue. After reuniting Tantarra with his father Attiburra, the Freemakers headed to a clearing to rendezvous with Roger and the ship. Rowan and Zander reached the ship only to be cornered by Durpin and Plumestriker, who attempted to arrest them. However, Kordi appeared and knocked out the two Imperials with the wroshyr wood. The impact however split the wood in half and the Freemakers were forced to leave with the damaged object. Captain Ignacio was displeased with the damaged wroshyr wood and called off his deal with the Freemakers. The only solace was Rowan finding the third Kyber Saber crystal. He presented the crystal to Naare, who praised her apprentice for his growing powers.[8]

Meeting Skywalker[]

Rowan being instructed in the ways of the Force by Luke

Later, Rowan continued his training under Naare. Before departing on a secret mission, Naare cautioned Rowan not to reveal his Force powers to strangers under the pretext of keeping him safe from the Empire. Later, Rowan and his siblings were visited by Princess Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker, who were members of the Rebel Alliance. Leia and Luke's Y-wing had been damaged during a dogfight with Imperial TIE fighters.[9]

While Zander and Kordi met with Leia, Rowan along with Roger and Luke went aboard the StarScavenger. While fiddling with the ship's controls, Roger accidentally sent them into hyperspace. Luke was able to deactivate the StarScavenger's hyperdrive; which caused the ship to exit hyperspace above the jungle world of Felucia. Using the Force, Luke was able to cushion the ship's landing and won the admiration of Rowan; who recognized him as a real Jedi.[9]

After landing on Felucia, Rowan and Luke began repairing the ship's bulkhead. Rowan also encountered a flower which blossomed everytime the Force came within range of its buds. Roger then informed Rowan and Luke that an acklay had stolen the StarScavenger's hyperdrive generator. Later that night, Rowan and Luke joined forces to recover the hyperdrive generator from a pit inhabited by the acklay. However, they accidentally awoke the creature by dislodging rocks over it. The enraged acklay then pursued the three visitors.[9]

Rowan, Roger, and Luke then made a second attempt to recover the hyperdrive generator. Inspired by Luke's teachings about the Force acting as a natural order, Rowan used flowers to distract the acklay while Roger recovered the hyperdrive. After repairing the StarScavenger, the trio returned to the Freemaker Garage. Since Leia and Luke's Y-wing had been destroyed in order to mislead the Empire, the Freemakers sold one of their Z-wings at a discounted rate. Due to their experiences, the Freemakers became more sympathetic to the Rebellion.[9]

Trap on Tatooine[]

Rowan and Roger

Following the events on Felucia, Rowan became suspicious of his mentor Naare. He tried to voice his concerns to Roger but the B1 battle droid was switched off. Later, Rowan and the other Freemakers traveled to the planet Tatooine where his older brother Zander had found a job with the podracer pilot Ben Quadinaros; who was participating in the 29th Annual Bricklayers' Classic race in Mos Espa. While working on Ben's podracer, they discovered that Ben's sponsor was Graballa the Hutt; who had arranged the job in order to lure the Freemakers into a trap. Graballa wanted Rowan in order to find the other Kyber Saber crystals.[10]

Before Graballa and his henchmen including Dengar, Baash, and Raam could question the Freemakers, Graballa's cousin Jabba arrived. While Graballa was distracted, Rowan and his family including Roger took the chance to escape in a podracer. As a result, the Freemakers inadvertently became contestants in the 29th Annual Bricklayers' Classic. During the race, they were pursued by Dengar, Baash and Raam. Following a grueling race, they managed to lose their pursuers and Zander ended up winning the race.[10]

Pursued by Graballa, the Freemakers fled on their podracer into the Dune Sea where they sought refuge in a derelict sandcrawler. After contacting Naare for help, Rowan, his siblings, and Roger fought off Graballa's forces with a box of thermal detonators. Shortly later, Naare arrived in the Eclipse Fighter and managed to rescue Rowan. While she went to rescue Zander, Kordi, and Roger from Graballa's henchmen, she left Rowan insider her ship. There, Rowan discovered her Sith lightsaber and eavesdropped on a hologram message from the Emperor recommending that Naare kill Rowan's family in order to force the boy's cooperation. Rowan accompanied Naare and the other Freemakers back to the Wheel but kept her Sith lightsaber as evidence.[10]

Flight to Takodana[]
"Very well, Freemaker Salvage and whatever. I have a job for you. I would like for you to get me a little something from, uh, the third moon."
―Hondo Ohnaka[src]

Rowan encounters Maz Kanata

After the events on Tatooine, Rowan informed his siblings Zander and Kordi, and Roger about Naare's true Sith identity. The Freemakers made preparations to flee their garage aboard the StarScavenger. When Naare appeared at the door, Roger tried to distract her but Naare saw through their deception. When Rowan confronted her about her deception, Naare responded that the Jedi were gone because of people like her. She then Force-pushed him off a platform. Following a brief struggle, Rowan and the other Freemakers managed to escape aboard the StarScavenger.[11]

Naare then pursued the four fugitives through the space traffic around the Wheel. After losing Naare, Rowan and the other Freemakers jumped into hyperspace. While traveling, Rowan was despondent because Naare had promised to train him as a Jedi; prompting Kordi to comfort him. The StarScavenger was forced to exit hyperspace after losing its quantum field regulator. The Freemakers exited hyperspace above the planet Takodana and sought refuge at Maz Kanata's castle.[11]

While landing, the StarScavenger accidentally clipped the Weequay pirate Hondo Ohnaka's starship. As compensation for the damage cause to Hondo's vessel, the Freemakers agreed to travel to the Third moon of Takodana on the Mini Scavenger to retrieve three golden orbs. After an uncomfortable trip, Rowan and his family discover that the golden orbs are located inside a sinkhole that is guarded by several varactyls. The Freemakers decide to wait until nightfall when the varactyls are asleep.[11]

That night, Kordi assigns Rowan to act as a "snipe spotter" while she, Zander, and Roger fly the harvester over the sinkhole. While Rowan watches, Roger is lowered into the pit and fetches the golden orbs. However, Roger drops the orbs and startles the sleeping varactyls. The varacytls rip up Roger and attack the Freemakers' scavenger vessel. Before the varactyls can do further damage to his siblings, Rowan intervenes and uses the Force to reason with the varactyls. Rowan is tempted to use the dark side but decides to choose the light side. After realizing that the golden orbs are varactyl eggs, Rowan apologizes to the varactyls who allow the Freemakers to leave in peace.[11]

As they leave for Takodana, Kordi reassures Rowan that he is special. Back at Maz Kanata's castle, Rowan and his siblings confront Hondo and his gang about the varactyls' eggs. Hondo admits that he was aware that the golden orbs were eggs. Unhappy that the Freemakers have not honored their agreement, he orders his henchmen to break Rowan and his siblings' heads. However, Maz intervenes and drives Hondo and his men out. Admiring the Freemakers, Naare gives them the quantum regulator and also gives Rowan the fourth Kyber Saber crystal; telling him that it is a worthy cause. She tells Rowan to also seek the Maker of Zoh.[12]

Hunt for the Crystals[]

Rowan and his siblings embark on a hunt for the remaining Kyber crystals

Following the events on Takodana, Rowan and the other Freemakers made preparations to leave on the StarScavenger with the fourth Kyber Saber crystal. Before they could leave, the Freemakers were ambushed by Naare, who had forged an alliance with Graballa the Hutt. Naare used the Force to snatch the crystal out of Rowan's hand and fly away in the Eclipse Fighter. The Freemakers gave chase in their ship but were attacked by Graballa's starship Rancor's Fist. Under attack, the Freemakers were forced to retreat into hyperspace.[13]

Once in hyperspace, the Freemakers resolved to prevent Naare from reforging the Kyber Saber by getting to the remaining crystals first. Rowan knew that the next two crystals were on Naboo and Ningoth. Thinking that Naare would travel to Naboo first, the Freemakers decided to travel to Ningoth, an ocean world. While Roger stayed behind on the StarScavenger, Rowan and his siblings explored Ningoth's oceans in the submarine Bubbly Subbly. They discovered that the fifth crystal was being used as a light source by an opee sea killer to hunt for fish. Following a struggle, Rowan repaired the submarine's lamp and traded it with the opee sea killer in return for the crystal.[13]

Before they could leave Ningoth, Naare and Graballa caught up with them. The Freemakers managed to use the StarScavenger's chain to drag Naare's Eclipse Fighter underwater. The Freemakers managed to launch their Bubbly Subbly into the StarScavenger's rear cargo bay. However, Naare managed to use the Force to snatch the crystal from Rowan before the doors could close. Having lost a second crystal, the Freemakers fled into hyperspace. With little choice, the Freemakers decided to travel to Naboo in order to reach the sixth Kyber Saber crystal before Naare.[13]

On Naboo, Rowan discovered that the sixth crystal was hidden inside the former Theed Royal Palace, which had been revamped as the Emperor Palpatine Museum. The Freemakers decided to sneak into the Museum at night in order to search for the crystal. Zander managed to infiltrate Roger into the Museum disguised as a Clone Wars exhibit. That night, Roger let the other Freemakers into the Museum. While the other Freemakers were distracted by the exhibits, Rowan resolved to find the crystal. Despite being distracted by a powered pogostick, he resolved to continue the mission.[13]

Rowan then stumbled upon several statues of Palpatine at various stages of his life. Rowan was scared by a talking statue of Darth Sidious and accidentally toppled the exhibits. One of the heads rolled into the Clone Wars exhibit and struck several of the battle droids including R0-HK; setting off several blasters. One of the blaster bolts hit a hanging N-1 starfighter that Zander was toying with, causing it to crash into the Theed Hangar. The noise alerted several Imperial stormtroopers led by Generals Durpin and Plumestriker, who attempted to execute Kordi, Zander, and Roger.[13]

However, Rowan borrowed a Palpatine robe and a voice changing device. Claiming that the intruders were "generous donors", he ordered the Imperials to leave. Once they were alone, Rowan sensed that the sixth Kyber crystal was inside a Naboo royal headdress that Kordi was wearing. Before the Freemakers could leave, they were cornered by Naare and Dengar. While Dengar engaged in a gun battle with Roger and the other Freemakers, Rowan dueled with Naare. He could not match her lightsaber skills and Force powers and lost the crystal. Before Naare could finish him off, Rowan used the Force to collapse the last bolt holding the fallen N-1 starfighter.[13]

The fallen starfighter triggered an explosion, which demolished much of the Museum. Rowan and the other Freemakers managed to escape into the night but were forced to leave the sixth crystal behind. Back aboard the StarScavenger, the Freemakers discussed how Naare was able to track them. They then learn that Naare had been listening to their conversations by using Roger's transmission pack, which had been transmitting since the events on Tatooine.[13]

Seeking the Maker[]

Jek-14 instructing Rowan in the ways of the Force

After the events on Naboo, Rowan decided to seek out the Maker of Zoh and convinced his siblings to travel to Zoh, which turned out to be a junkyard world. While landing on Zoh, the Freemakers discovered that someone had rearranged the junk on the planet into beautiful double helix structures. After landing, the Freemakers encountered several droids led by N-3RO. Despite Roger's efforts to assure the locals that they were friendly, N-3RO deemed the Freemakers a threat after learning that they had removed his transmission pack. A struggle broke out between the Freemakers and the local droids.[12]

At that point, the a former associate of the Sith, Jek intervened and pacified the droids. He introduced himself as the Maker of Zoh and welcomed the Freemakers to his home. Learning that the Freemakers were scavengers, Jek allowed them to salvage from the junkyard much to the delight of Zander and Kordi. Realizing that Jek was a Force-wielder, Rowan related his Jedi training to Jek and produced the blue lightsaber he had stolen from Naare. Jek, who had retreated from the galaxy, was reluctant to help until Rowan mentioned Naare and her quest to find the Kyber Saber crystals. Jek then agreed to complete Rowan's Jedi training.[12]

Jek told the young Freemaker that he used his creations to represent the light and dark sides of the Force. Rowan then assembled a table from junk under Jek's supervision. Jek then taught the young Jedi how to focus on the Force and to ignore distractions. After some attempts, Rowan managed to use the Force to build objects. He also fashioned a speeder bike from scrap pieces and went for a ride. Jek also assembled one and joined Rowan on the race.[12]

Rowan and Jek then stumbled upon N-3RO, who had taken his brother Zander and sister Kordi captive. N-3RO had turned the other droids against the visitors and was preparing to crush them with a crane. Jek tried to reason with N-3RO but the rogue droid convinced his brethren that the Freemakers had corrupted the Maker. Rowan used his Force powers to construct a flying machine to ferry his siblings to safety. However, the machine crashed on the scrap heap. Rowan and Jek were then overpowered by the droids. N-3RO then gave orders for the droids to "decommission" the organics.[12]

Before they could terminate the prisoners, Roger appeared and reaffirmed his loyalty to the Freemakers. He then reattached the transmission package in an attempt to save his family. After some delay, Naare and Graballa arrived and attacked the settlement. Naare took on Jek and Rowan tried to help. However, Jek told the boy to escape with his family. Rowan and the other Freemakers escaped aboard the StarScavenger. Once in space, Rowan issued a message to Naare via Roger's transmission pack; telling her that the Freemakers would not be divided and vowing to find the seventh Kyber Saber crystal. The Freemakers, Naare, and Graballa then raced to Hoth.[12]

Finding the last Crystal[]

The Freemakers befriend a baby wampa

Rowan and his family traveled to Hoth in the StarScavenger with Naare and Graballa in pursuit. They flew into a snowstorm, which blinded Dengar, Baash, and Raam who were unable to see. Zander was also unable to see through the storm but Naare could due to her Force powers. She then opened fire on the StarScavenger and inflicted some damage. Using the Force, Rowan was able to guide the StarScavenger to safety and the Freemakers narrowly avoided colliding with a mountain. Naare, Dengar, and Graballa's ships were not so lucky and crashed into the mountain.[14]

After landing the StarScavenger, Rowan and his siblings explored a nearby cave while leaving Roger to guard the ship. While traveling through the cave, the Freemakers encountered a baby wampa that took a liking to Zander. As they continued their exploration, the Freemakers discovered a chamber full of crystals. Using the Force, Rowan was able to locate the seventh and last Kyber Saber crystal. However, the crystal was a keystone that triggered a natural cave-in, trapping the Freemakers. Using Naare's stolen lightsaber, the Freemakers were able to dig themselves out.[14]

Despite recovering the seventh Kyber Saber crystal, Rowan and his siblings discovered that the StarScavenger was frozen beneath an ice lake. They also encountered a frozen but operational Roger who could only utter "Genius" since his language circuits and logic processor had been frozen. With the cold getting worse, the Freemakers sought shelter. They managed to tame two tauntauns and use them to draw a snowspeeder that had been improvised into a sledge. The Freemakers eventually spotted the abandoned rebel base Echo Base.[14]

Upon arriving at Echo Base, the Freemakers encountered the disgraced Imperial officers Durpin and Plumestriker, who had been posted to Hoth following the events on Naboo. Durpin tried to drive the Freemakers away but Plumestriker alerted Imperial forces via intercom. Durpin attempted to shoot the Freemakers with his blaster but the baby wampa bit his leg. When Plumestriker fired at the wampa, the mother wampa intervened and chased the two Imperials away. However, the Freemakers realized that Naare had been alerted to their whereabouts and prepared for an assault.[14]

Rowan used his Force powers to help Zander and Kordi rebuild an AT-AT walker and a snowspeeder. During the ensuing skirmish, Rowan and Zander managed to use their snowspeeder's tow cable to rip the canopy off Dengar's fighter, causing the ship to crash. Kordi's walker shot down Graballa's ship, causing it crash and its impact shook the StarScavenger from its frozen tomb. Rowan and Zander's fighter was then shot down by Naare's Eclipse Fighter. In response, Kordi shot down Naare's fighter. However, Naare used her Force powers to summon an avalanche which toppled Kordi's walker.[14]

Naare then confronted Rowan but the Freemakers managed to flee into a cave when Durpin, Plumestriker, and the pursuing wampas ran over her. In the cave, the Freemakers received an ultimatum from Naare who offered to stop hunting them if Rowan surrendered the last kyber crystal. Without telling his siblings, Rowan came up with a plan to swap the real kyber crystal with a block of ice. Kordi and Zander tried to talk Rowan out of submission but the boy responded that life without his family would be unbearable. Rowan then surrendered the fake crystal to Naare, who proceeded to reforge the Kyber Saber.[14]

Before Naare discovered that the crystal was a fake, Rowan and his family fled on the StarScavenger. Once in space, his siblings and Rowan complimented Rowan for his plan. Unable to return to the Wheel, Kordi and Zander decided to travel through the galaxy. However, Rowan was unwilling to endanger his older siblings anymore and departed with Roger to the rear of the ship. He and Roger then departed on the Mini Scavenger. When Kordi and Zander tried to tell him to return, Rowan stressed that he was protecting them before jumping into hyperspace.[14]

Taking on Naare[]

Rowan fighting Naare

Rowan and Roger traveled to a remote planet where he hid the last Kyber Saber crystal. The two parked their ship near a shelter that was home to several Jedi training droids. Rowan convinced Roger to play back recordings from the Clone Wars so that he could practice his lightsaber skills with the training droids. One of the recordings was a scene of Roger and other battle droids fighting the Jedi Mace Windu, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Anakin Skywalker from the First Battle of Geonosis. While practicing, Rowan experienced a Force vision of his brother Zander and sister Kordi being tortured by Naare. When Roger pointed out that it was a trap to lure him out of hiding, Rowan responded that there was no point saving the galaxy without the people he loved.[15]

Together, Rowan and Roger traveled back to the Freemaker Garage on their scavenger vessel. Rowan arrived back in the Wheel just in time to stop Naare from embarking on a second round of torture against Zander and Kordi. After crashlanding their ship, Rowan and Roger leapt onto a platform and Rowan challenged Naare to a duel. The bounty hunter Dengar fired at Rowan but the boy deflected the blasts back at Kordi and Zander's chains, freeing them. While his siblings engaged in a gun battle with Graballa's henchmen, Rowan fought with Naare. Roger helped by dropping spareparts and debris on her but Naare deflected them with the Force. As the two clashed, Naare demanded the crystal but Rowan revealed that he had hidden it on a remote planet.[15]

When Naare noted that Rowan's lightsaber skills had improved, the boy responded that he learned his moves from Anakin. Naare taunted him by telling him that the Jedi were dead before hurling more debris at the boy. Rowan managed to deflect the objects. When Naare demanded to know who trained him, Roger intervened and revealed that he taught the boy all of the Jedis' moves including Windu. Using Master Windu's moves, Rowan managed to fight Naare into a corner. Roger then added that he taught Rowan everything he knew about the Jedi. At that point, Naare abandoned her fight with Rowan and decided to pursue Roger; realizing that he knew the location of the seventh kyber crystal. Naare beheaded Roger and stole his head.[15]

After subduing the Freemakers, Naare turned on Graballa and his henchmen. Using the Force, she drove them out of the Freemaker Garage. Rowan made a final attempt to stop Naare but she buried him under a pile of debris before departing on the Eclipse Fighter with Roger's head. Kordi and Zander dug Rowan out of the rubble. While Rowan was unhurt, he was upset that he failed to stop Naare and remarked that he was no Jedi. At that point, the boy experienced an epiphany and realized that he was neither a Jedi nor a Sith but a Freemaker. After levitating the debris and wreckage with the Force, Rowan told Kordi and Naare that he had figured out how to defeat Naare.[15]

Showdown on Coruscant[]

Rowan summoning the Kyber Saber

Following the events on the Wheel, Rowan used his Force powers to repair the Freemaker Garage and the StarScavenger. Instead of pursuing Naare, Rowan devised a plot to trick Naare into giving the Kyber Saber to him by impersonating Emperor Palpatine. While Kordi and Zander were sceptical that his plan would work, they agreed to try it out. After the traveling to the galactic capital Coruscant, the Freemakers managed to infiltrate the Imperial Palace through the sewers. Rowan made his way into the Imperial Palace where he ran into the Emperor himself. However, the Emperor had just learned that Naare had taken possession of the Kyber Saber and rebelled. With Naare coming to destroy him, the Emperor decided to evacuate the Palace. He mistook Rowan for a decoy and allowed him to enter the throne room.[16]

Meanwhile, Naare arrived in Coruscant on the Eclipse Fighter and used the Kyber Saber to destroy much of the orbiting Imperial fleet. Naare managed to land outside the Palace and fought her way into the throne room. Naare then attacked Rowan and mistaken thought he was working with the Emperor; prompting an angry rebuttal from the boy. Naare eventually gained the upper hand over Rowan and was about to strike him down with the Kyber Saber. However, the Emperor returned with two AT-AT walkers and bombarded the Palace. However, Naare tossed them aside with the Kyber Saber and then announced herself as the new Empress of the galaxy.[16]

After Naare tried to kill several spectators in a fit of rage, Rowan used the Force to summon the Kyber Saber to him. After reassembling it, Rowan used the Force to summon pieces of rubble to trap Naare. At that point, the Emperor arrived and urged Rowan to give into the dark side and strike her down. However, Rowan refused to give into temptation and instead fled with his family and the Kyber Saber aboard the StarScavenger. The Emperor sent several TIE fighters after them but the Freemakers managed to flee into hyperspace. After fleeing Coruscant, Rowan traveled to the volcano world of Sullust where he destroyed the Kyber Saber by dumping it into a volcano; reasoning that it was good to know when to relinquish a weapon. Unable to return to the Wheel since the Empire had imposed a bounty on them, the Freemakers decided to travel the stars. Shortly later, they encountered the Alliance Fleet. Rowan and his siblings accepted an offer from Admiral Ackbar to join the Rebel Alliance.[16]

Joining the Rebellion[]

Bartering across the Galaxy[]

After receiving an invitation from Admiral Ackbar, Rowan and his family flew the StarScavenger aboard the MC80 star cruiser Home One's hangar. There, they were greeted by Admiral Ackbar, who informed the rebels that he had intercepted the Emperor's transmission ordering his forces to find Rowan. When he asked Rowan what he did to antagonize the Empire, Rowan recounted that he had stolen the Kyber Saber, the most powerful weapon in the galaxy, and destroyed it by throwing it into a lava pit. When Ackbar asked them what they did, Kordi told him that they were scavengers.[17]

Shortly later, Lieutenant Valeria crashed her U-wing into the Home One's hangar. After learning that she needed a new Type A vector coil, Rowan and his siblings departed on a search for the coil. Admiral Ackbar promised to give the Freemakers a permanent job if they got the Rebellion. The Freemakers traveled to several locations including Cloud City, Takodana, Kashyyyk, and Tatooine where they bartered various objects including an ignition switch, comlink gasser, ion projector, a power cell, and a repulsor disc. On Tatooine, Kordi managed to swap the repulsor disc for a Type A vector coil. Meanwhile, Rowan, Zander, and Roger were caught in the tentacles of a sarlacc. Having obtained the vector coil, the Freemakers returned to Home One and Admiral Ackbar decided to hire them to service the Alliance Fleet's starfighters.[17]

Roger to the rescue[]

While Rowan was helping his brother Zander to repair the StarScavenger, they were joined by a dejected Roger whose attempt to befriend the rebel droids had gone awry. When Roger asked how he could win over the droids, Rowan asked what they liked. This gave Roger the idea to build a buffer. While Roger was building the machine, Rowan tried to encourage him but the droid was unable to hear since he was wearing ear muffs. Shortly later, an Imperial Star Destroyer attacked the Home One. Rowan helped Kordi to fit an engine to a Y-wing starfighter but Roger borrowed one of the engines. While testing the buffer, Roger accidentally catapulted himself into space and took out the Star Destroyer's deflector shield generator. This turned the battle in the Rebel Alliance's favor. Rowan later attended Roger's award ceremony.[18]

Assault on Strike Station Aurek[]

While his older siblings were servicing Blue Squadron's starfighters, Rowan climbed on top of a stack of crates and eavesdropped on Lieutenant Valeria briefing her pilots for the assault on Strike Station Aurek. Valeria's plan was to drop a proton torpedo into the station's thermal exhaust port, a tactic first utilized during the Battle of Yavin. While Roger was baking some sweet-sand cookies, he collided with the stack of containers. This caused the containers to fall and damage the starfighters in a domino effect. Kordi panicked but Rowan told his sister and brother to delay the pilots while he and Roger rebuilt the starfighters.[19]

Using his Force powers, Rowan rebuilt the starfighters. Roger however accidentally built himself into the astromech socket of Valeria's Y-wing. Rowan was unable to free Roger and the two found themselves reluctant passengers aboard Valeria's starfighter during the assault. When Roger panicked during the dogfight, Rowan covered for him by feigning enthusiasm. As they approached the proton exhaust port, Roger fretted that he had not fixed the launch tube. However, Rowan used his Force powers to dislodge the proton bomb into the exhaust port. This destroyed the station and Rowan likened it to the destruction of the Death Star. After returning to the Home One, Rowan used his lightsaber to cut a hole through the floor of the Y-wing, allowing him and Roger to sneak out. Kordi complimented her younger brother for having the Force with him.[19]

Zander's first dogfight[]

After Lieutenant Valeria turned down Zander's offer to join Blue Squadron on the grounds that his Blazemaker Mark II lack blasters, Rowan along with Kordi and Roger helped refit his starfighter with laser cannons. Rowan used the Force to help levitate a laser cannon into one of the Blazemaker's wings. When Zander installed a magma cannon on top of his fighter, Rowan and Kordi opined that their older brother was doing it. Their concerns were proven right when the Blazemaker II exploded during a space dogfight after the magma cannon malfunctioned. Zander survived the explosion and admitted he went too far. Rowan reassured his brother he was still a hero to the Rebellion.[20]

Rescuing Lando and Chewbacca[]

Rowan and his siblings attended a meeting with Admiral Ackbar. After learning that the rebel agents Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca were stranded and trapped behind an Imperial blockade, the Freemakers volunteered to rescue them and deliver a fuel intermixer for their ship, the Millennium Falcon. As part of the plan, the Freemakers traveled to the Imperial blockade and allowed the StarScavenger to be boarded by an Imperial Gozanti-class cruiser. Rowan and his siblings tried to mislead the Imperial officers Durpin and Plumestriker into believing they had Gamorrean flu. However, Plumestriker saw through their ruse and ordered his stormtroopers to arrest the Freemakers and seize their cargo.[21]

However, this played into the Freemakers' plan. In the brig, Rowan used his Force powers to reassemble Roger, who was hidden inside the cargo box. Roger then knocked out the stormtrooper sentries and freed his family. While Zander and Roger went to restart the StarScavenger's engines, Rowan used his lightsaber to slice a hole in the Gozanti cruiser's panel. After stealing the ship's fuel intermixer, the Freemakers fled aboard the StarScavenger. They then rendezvoused with Lando and Chewbacca on the planet. After installing the fuel intermixer in the Falcon, the rebels returned in their ships to the Home One.[21]

Back at their base, Lando praised the Freemakers for rescuing him again and thanked Admiral Ackbar for recruiting them. Rowan thanked the rebels for giving them a home. However, Roger interrupted to inform them that he had left one of his legs aboard the Imperial cruiser and to ask if they could return.[21]

Expedition to Tibalt[]

Rowan helped his siblings test Valeria's A-wing. Shortly later, he saw Commander Luke Skywalker and his astromech droid R2-D2. Before Rowan could talk with Skywalker, they were interrupted by an announcement that the Imperial Navy had found the Alliance fleet. Rowan attempted to help as his siblings and the rebel crew prepared the starfighters for combat. The Alliance managed to escape after a squadron of B-wings broke through the Imperial TIE fighter formation, allowing the Rebel fleet to flee into hyperspace. While Rowan was upset that his services were not needed, Kordi tried to cheer him up by telling him that he helped raise morale.[22]

With the Alliance short on spareparts, the Freemakers prepared to depart for a salvage run to Tibalt; where a recent battle had taken place. However, General Hera Syndulla gave Rowan a special assignment to visit the Mon Calamari starship builder Quarrie, who lived in the lowest level of the Home One. Quarrie, who was preoccupied with building a starship that could change the balance of the war, initially did not welcome the boy until Rowan invited him to accompany Freemaker Salvage and Repair on their expedition to Tibalt.[22]

On Tibalt, Rowan and Roger found an Imperial thruster but Quarrie dismissed it as junk. Rowan then noticed a shiny, new ship nearby. This ship turned out to be the Tracker I, the personal transport of the hunter droid M-OC who had been sent by the Emperor to capture Rowan. M-OC captured Rowan with a grappling arm and imprisoned him in the ship's brig. M-OC then informed Rowan that he had been sent by the Emperor to capture him. M-OC departed in the Tracker I but was pursued by the other Freemakers and Quarrie in the StarScavenger.[22]

Rowan managed to use his lightsaber to cut himself free of the Tracker I and jumped into the StarScavenger's scoop. However, M-OC refused to give up the chase and pursued the StarScavenger. He managed to damage one of the ship's engines, causing the StarScavenger to crash. M-OC then demanded that Rowan surrender but the young Jedi fought back with his lightsaber. M-OC managed to trap the boy under a net but Rowan freed himself with his lightsaber. M-OC used his various gadgets including flamethrowers and rocket boosters to maneuver Rowan into the Tracker I.[22]

Fortunately, Quarrie and Kordi sent a nearby freighter ramming into M-OC and Tracker I. M-OC survived but was damaged. The Freemakers then fled offworld. While returning to the Home One, Rowan told Zander and Kordi that the droid M-OC worked for the Emperor. After returning to the Home One, Quarrie saw potential in Rowan as a shipbuilder and recruited him as his apprentice. However, he warned him not to dawdle. Later that night, Rowan experienced a Force vision of himself building a starship powered by a Kyber crystal known as the Arrowhead.[22]

Expedition to Alistan Nor[]

Unable to properly describe his vision of the Arrowhead to Quarrie, Rowan agreed to accompany Quarrie to the city of Alistan Nor, an ancient city of great beauty where the greatest minds in the galaxy looked for inspiration. Rowan then went to seek permission from Kordi to travel to Alistan Nor on the StarScavenger. Since Kordi was busy giving a presentation, she sent him to his older brother Zander. While Zander was preoccupied with repairing Lieutenant Valeria's starfighter, Rowan managed to get permission from Zander for him and Quarrie to hang out aboard the StarScavenger.[23]

Rowan and Quarrie entered the StarScavenger with Roger. Despite colliding with several starships, Rowan managed to fly the StarScavenger out of Home One's hangar. After traveling through hyperspace, Rowan and his companions approached Alistan Nor's planet, which was surrounded by three-rings. While they did not encounter any obstacles, the StarScavenger's presence drew the attention of the Imperial probe droid XJ9-GM02, who reported their presence to M-OC. Rowan managed to safely land the StarScavenger in the jungle-covered ruins of Alistan Nor.[23]

Rowan and his companions were pursued by a pack of gundarks but Rowan managed to use his Force powers to trap the predators inside an improvised cage consisting of columns. Rowan and the others then traveled through a tunnel which led to the Tower of Alistan Nor. After entering the tower, Quarrie explained to Rowan about the history of the Force Builders, a Jedi offshoot that specialized in building beautiful architecture and starships. After climbing to the top of the tower, Rowan experienced a Force vision of Alistan Nor at the height of its glory. He also saw the Arrowhead and found the inspiration to build the starship.[23]

Shortly later, M-OC arrived aboard the Tracker-I and opened fire on Rowan and his companions, causing them to fall off the tower's ramparts. Rowan managed to use the Force to save Quarrie and Roger from falling to the ground. Knowing that Rowan had trouble concentrating, M-OC then attacked Rowan with his new double-bladed spinning lightsaber and blasters. While parrying with M-OC, Rowan managed to hurl Quarrie and Roger towards a vine. M-OC also cut Rowan's vine but the boy managed to use his Force powers to cling to other vines. Despite dropping his lightsaber, Rowan managed to use the Force to collapse a balcony on top of M-OC.[23]

Before M-OC could recover, Rowan, Quarrie, and Roger fled on the StarScavenger and returned to the Home One. Upon arriving back at the rebel flagship, Rowan was reprimanded by his older siblings for taking the StarScavenger on an errant adventure to Alistan Nor. When he pointed out that they gave misleading instructions, Kordi and Zander acknowledged they were partly to blame. After reconciling, Rowan managed to assembled a model of the Arrowhead in Quarrie's workshop. Though Quarrie pointed out that the Arrowhead needed several items including embersteel blades, a fusion conduit, suspension housing, an energy matrix activator, and a bantha-sized kyber crystal, Rowan was undaunted in his determination to save the galaxy.[23]

Undercover on Mygeeto[]

While working on the Arrowhead, Rowan and Quarrie realized that they needed an embersteel blade. After Kordi learned that the Galactic Empire was auctioning off various starships on Mygeeto including a Theta-class H-2 executive star shuttle with embersteel wings, she managed to secure the Freemakers a 75,000 credit loan from the Alliance leadership to purchase the shuttle. For the mission, Kordi disguised herself as the Clawdite princess Alo Kortessi while Rowan and Zander disguised herself as her servants.[24]

Kordi managed to use her persuasive and acting skills to convince the stormtrooper sentries to let the Freemakers into the Mygeeto Auction House. Kordi's plan encountered a stumbling block when a Cerean auctioneer informed them that the nobles left the bidding to their servants. Rowan accompanied Zander into the bidding floor. Zander was mesmerized by the sight of an Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor. Despite Rowan and Kordi's objections, their impulsive older brother bidded for the ship, believing that it was only worth 65 credits. However, the ship was worth 65,000 credits, leaving the Freemakers 55,000 credits short.[24]

Zander tried to convince the auctioneer that it was a mistake but he was unmoved. Rowan and Zander had to deal with a furious and frustrated Kordi. The Freemakers' troubles were further complicated when one of Graballa's minions Raam accidentally bidded for the Theta-class shuttle. Posing as "Princess Kortessi", Kordi tried to trade the Jedi light interceptor for the shuttle. However, Graballa decided to kidnap the "princess" in order to extort a ransom from the Clawdite royal family. After Graballa escaped on the Rancor's Fist, Rowan and Zander followed in the StarScavenger and the Jedi light interceptor.[24]

Rowan traveled in the StarScavenger with Roger and caught up with the Rancor's Fist. Rowan and Zander took part in a dogfight with Graballa's starfighters, which were led by Dengar. Following a dogfight, Rowan and Zander managed to land their ships in the Rancor's Fist's hangar bay. Before they could leave with Kordi, Dengar crashlanded his starfighter into Zander's ship. After defeating Dengar, the Freemakers escaped in their starships and returned to the Home One. Back at the Home One, Rowan watched while Zander and Kordi installed the frontal cannons and the embersteel blade onto the Arrowhead.[24]

Detour to Taul[]

While working with Quarrie on a model of the Arrowhead, Rowan learned that they needed a proton suspension housing to hold the ship's giant kyber crystal in place. When Quarrie mentioned that the Corellian Defender was the only starship that could carry such a large proton suspension housing, Rowan proposed visiting Takodana Castle on Takodana to seek her help. Rowan also accidentally burned through a set of chains with his welder, causing several objects to fall and Roger to collide with a generator. Rowan apologized for the mess and led Roger into a recharge chamber aboard the StarScavenger to recuperate.[25]

After Admiral Ackbar assigned Zander and Kordi on a mission to rescue Major Bren Derlin near the planet Taul's asteroid field, Rowan decided to come along for a ride. He managed to convince Zander and a reluctant Kordi to travel to Takodana first in order speak with Maz Kanata. While at Maz Kanata's castle, Rowan and his siblings encountered the Weequay pirate Hondo Ohnaka, who offered to help them obtain a Corellian Defender on Taul in return for getting passage off Takodana. The Freemakers then helped Hondo to escape from the bounty hunter Awan Zek and his Rodian associates.[25]

During the brief skirmish, Rowan used his Force powers to delay Zek and his comrades. However, Awan and his Rodian associates recognized Rowan as a rebel fugitive and the alerted the Galactic Empire including the hunter droid M-OC. While Kordi distrusted Hondo, Rowan and Zander thought the pirate could help them obtain the proton suspension housing. Upon entering Taul's atmosphere, the Freemakers learned that Taul was an acidic world with violent storms, acid pools, and falling debris. After braving the harsh environment, Rowan and his siblings managed to find a wrecked Corellian Defender resting on top of an acid lake.[25]

Rowan tried to lift the Corellian Defender out of the lake but the ship was too badly damaged. As a result, Kordi brought the Mini Scavenger. While Zander operated the vehicle, Rowan used a crane to descend into the Defender and retrieve the proton suspension housing. Despite the corroded state of the ship, Rowan managed to retrieve the starship part before the rest of the ship collapsed into the acidic lake. The Freemakers then tried to resume their mission to rescue Bren only to discover that Hondo had stolen the StarScavenger.[25]

Shortly later, M-OC arrived in the Tracker I and destroyed the Mini Scavenger. M-OC ordered Rowan to surrender but was crushed by a falling rock. The Freemakers then retreated before M-OC could regenerate. As the pursuit continued, Rowan tried to fight back with his lightsaber but was driven back by M-OC's double-bladed spinning lightsabers and flamethrowers. The Freemakers managed to cross an acidic lake and Rowan used his lightsaber to cut off the bridge. M-OC then hovered over the lake with his rocket boosters. Rowan managed to disable the rocket boosters with his lightsaber but M-OC activated his mechanical spider legs. Rowan then hurled a metal pole near M-OC. The metal pole was then struck by lightning, electrocuting the hunter droid.[25]

Following the adventure, Rowan apologized to his siblings for getting them sidetracked. Shortly later, the Freemakers were rescued by Roger, who had overpowered Hondo and locked him in a sealed box. The Freemakers then rescue Bren Derlin from his escape pod. Before returning to the Home One, Rowan convinced his siblings to make a special trip to Takodana where Roger handed Hondo in a sealed box to Awan Zek and his associates.[25]

Return to the Wheel[]

While assembling the Arrowhead, Rowan realized that the ship needed an energy matrix activator. Quarrie regarded energy matrix activators as rare until Zander revealed that the Freemakers had one aboard their former garage in the Wheel. The Freemakers and Roger traveled to the Wheel. Kordi came up with a plan for the Freemakers to infiltrate their former home and garage while Roger hacked into the guidance system in order to guide them.[26]

With Roger's help, they managed to board a turbolift to the Middle Ring. To avoid a stormtrooper patrol, they infiltrated the Freemaker garage through the ventilation shafts. The Freemakers soon discovered that Wick Cooper had transformed their garage into a cantina called "Wick Cooper's Caffeine and Kitsch Club." The Freemakers decided to infiltrate their former garage at night.[26]

However, their plan to infiltrate the garage was derailed when Roger was accosted by a pack of Ranats, who wanted to steal his datapad. Despite triggering the alarms, the Freemakers managed to convince Furlac to let them inside by posing as staff from the "Midnight Cafeteria Services" in order to repair a Kaminoan coffee machine.[26]

Rowan and his siblings managed to retrieve the energy matrix activator but were captured by Graballa and his bounty hunters Dengar, Zuckuss, 4-LOM, Bossk, and IG-88. Graballa alerted Darth Vader, seeking to collect an Imperial bounty on Rowan. However, the Freemakers managed to escape their captors after Kordi instigated a fight between the droid and organic bounty hunters.[26]

The Freemakers fled on a speeder bike into the Wheel's market place at the advice of Rowan. After losing their bounty hunter pursuers, Rowan convinced his siblings to steal stormtrooper armor from a local Imperial depot. They then infiltrated the Freemaker garage where they managed to recover the energy matrix activator.[26]

However, their escape plan was complicated when Lord Vader summoned the three to accompany him to the Upper Ring. Fortunately for the Freemakers, Roger had managed to fight off the Ranat and used the datapad to open a trapdoor, which brought the Freemakers back into the service shaft. After escaping the Wheel, Rowan told his siblings that their next task was to obtain a large kyber crystal to power the Arrowhead.[26]

Mission to Qalydon[]

After his sister Kordi obtained a list of planets with kyber crystals, Rowan and his siblings traveled to the planet Qalydon. They encountered a Lurmen village whose inhabitants used kyber crystals to connect with the Force. Though the villagers were initially hostile, they welcomed the Freemakers as guests after Kordi convinced them that they were not connected with the Empire.[27]

That night, Rowan befriended Chief Biz's daughter Maynar who did not share her father's belief in the crystals and the Force, regarding them as superstition. Rowan tried to convince her that the Force was real but Maynar said that he sounded like her father. Maynar also expressed boredom with her family's quiet life on Qalydon. When Imperial forces under Durpin and Plumestrike raided the village and confiscated several kyber crystals for the second Death Star, Rowan and Maynar snuck back into the StarScavenger and used the ship's cannons to drive the Imperials away.[27]

Though the Imperials managed to escape aboard their Gozanti-class cruiser, Rowan managed to shoot down its rear stabilizer and hyperdrive, causing it to crash in the mountains. With the Lurmen villagers devastated over the loss of their crystals, Rowan and his siblings embarked on a mission to recover the crystals. Rowan snuck aboard a tug while Kordi and Zander posed as Imperial technicians. Rowan infiltrated the damaged cruiser and managed to recover the crystals. However, he was surprised to find that Maynar had also stowed aboard.[27]

The recovery mission was complicated by the arrival of M-OC, who had learnt about their location due to Roger's botched attempt to replace a stolen Imperial document. Rowan duelled with M-OC, who took Maynar hostage. Before M-OC could harm Maynar, Zander intervened, allowing Maynar to escape. Rowan fought with M-OC but was unable to defeat the droid, who was able to repair himself. Rowan instead used his Force building powers to entomb M-OC in wreckage and debris.[27]

However, Durpin and Plumestriker managed to steal back the crystals and fled aboard their Gozanti-class cruiser. Rowan was able to use the Force to track down the stolen crystals to the Marriten system. There, Rowan recovered the crystals at lightsaber point from the Imperial officers. The Freemakers returned the crystals to the Lurmen villagers, who were delighted to be reunited with their relics. Maynar also gained a better appreciation of the Force and the crystals. Biz offered the crystals to the Freemakers but Rowan declined because he realized how important the crystals were to the Lurmen.[27]

Mission to the Crystal planet[]

After departing Qalydon, Rowan tried to mediate in order to find a world with kyber crystals. Despite his siblings' efforts to maintain silence and Roger's efforts to generate noise, Rowan was unable to concentrate until he could sense the tension within the cockpit. Rowan managed to home in on a planet twelve parsecs away from the planet Terminus.[28]

Despite being pursued by the hunter droid M-OC, the Freemakers managed to flee on the StarScavenger into hyperspace. Exiting hyperspace, they crash-landed on the "crystal planet", which was covered with kyber crystals. While Zander and Roger stayed behind to repair the StarScavenger, Rowan and his sister Kordi went to search for a large kyber crystal.[28]

They soon found the StarScavenger's stabilizing fin outside a cave which led to a large underground temple. Rowan and Kordi entered a cave full of murals and writings but were unable to find a set of stairs to reach the top. After spotting an inscription saying that "the key to unlocking the mysteries before you is to turn to the Force," Rowan used the Force to levitate the floor to the next level.[28]

He and Kordi reached a chamber with a hole in the ceiling. After reading the inscription "that the Force builds and lifts us all," Rowan attempted to build a set of stairs from the debris but failed. After re-reading the inscription, he used the Force to assemble a platform so that he and Kordi could reach a summit. There, they encountered a pinnacle which Rowan believed contained the crystal at the top.[28]

Rowan used the Force to levitate three stony treads systematically in order to reach the top of the pinnacle. There he encountered a holocron of Master Baird Kantoo. The holocron told him that the kyber crystals that he needed lay in the pit below but warned him about their dangerous power, pointing at the moon which had been shattered by the Kyber Saber above.[28]

Returning to the summit below, Rowan told Kordi about his fear that the kyber crystal was a dangerous weapon that could cause great harm. Kordi counseled Rowan that doing nothing would allow the Emperor to devastate the galaxy. With Kordi's encouragement, Rowan used his Force powers to forge a giant kyber crystal out of the smaller crystals in the pit. The siblings then returned to the StarScavenger with the giant crystal and the missing stabilizer fin. After picking up Roger, they returned to the rebel fleet.[28]

Flying the Arrowhead[]

The Freemakers returned to the rebel fleet only to find it under attack from the Empire. While flying back to the Home One, they were pursued by TIE fighters. Despite Kordi's objections, Rowan released some salvage into the path of the pursuing TIE fighters.[29]

They managed to land back in the Home One with the giant kyber crystal. However, Quarrie told them that it was too dangerous to assemble the Arrowhead aboard the Home One due to the battle. Rowan left the Home One with Quarrie and the rebel pilot Lieutenant Valeria aboard the Arrowhead while the other Freemakers followed in the StarScavenger.[29]

After braving through the space battle, the Freemakers and their rebel allies traveled to the desert planet Jakku in order to finish their work on the Arrowhead. Valeria landed the Arrowhead on quick sand, which caused the starship to sink underground. To complicate matters, the Arrowhead exploded, scattering its debris across the desert. Though the Freemakers and their allies managed to recover the spareparts, the energy matrix activator fell into the hands of the Imperial officers Durpin and Plumestriker, who had been reassigned to Jakku on punishment duty.[29]

Zander and Roger attempted to recover the energy matrix activator but were captured by Durpin and Plumestriker. Later that night, Kordi disguised herself as Darth Vader and attempted to retrieve the matrix activator from Durpin and Plumestriker. Though, the Imperials were not fooled by her disguise, Kordi managed to distract them long enough for Valeria to knock them out.[29]

Meanwhile, Rowan and Quarrie worked together to rebuild the Arrowhead. Though they had almost finished rebuilding the ship by the time their friends arrived, they still needed to install the energy matrix activator and the kyber crystal. The Freemakers and Quarrie were pursued by Durpin and Plumestriker, who were riding an AT-ST walker.[29]

Zander and Quarrie managed to hold off the Imperials long enough for Rowan and Quarrie to finish assembling the Arrowhead. With the ship ready, Zander used the Arrowhead's embersteel blade to slice through Durpin and Plumestriker's AT-ST. Returning to the rebel fleet, Rowan accompanied Zander aboard the Arrowhead. The Arrowhead helped turn the tide of the battle by destroying an Imperial Star Destroyer, sending the Imperials into retreat.[29]

Due to their role in saving the rebel fleet, the Freemakers were welcomed back as heroes. Rowan was promoted to Master Ship Builder while Zander was promoted to flight cadet and Kordi to Ackbar's new quartermaster.[29]

Walking into a trap[]

After saving the rebel fleet, Rowan and his siblings Zander and Kordi flew the Arrowhead in support of rebel and Wookiee forces on Kashyyyk. During a brief skirmish, the Freemakers used the Arrowhead to destroy an AT-ST walker and three AT-AT walkers. The Freemakers returned to the Home One where they received a heroes' welcome.[30]

While Zander joined Blue Squadron and Kordi joined the Rebel Alliance's Strategy Council, Rowan was left alone with Roger. Bored, he built an Ugly but Quarrie opined that the ship lacked purpose. Having gotten used to unending adventures as a result of the quest to build the Arrowhead, Rowan grew bored and wished he could fight M-OC. Unknown to Rowan, the Emperor had tasked M-OC and Darth Vader with hunting down Rowan and bringing the Kyber Saber and Arrowhead.[30]

Posing as Maynar, M-OC lured Rowan to Qalydon by claiming that the Empire was raiding her homeworld again. Despite Roger's objections, Rowan traveled to Qalydon with Roger. After landing the StarScavenger, Rowan and Roger approached an Imperial facility. While Roger subdued the guards, Rowan ventured inside only to discover that "Maynar" was a holographic projection generated by M-OC.[30]

Rowan tried to fight M-OC but proved no match for the hunter droid, who had learned about his combat moves from their previous encounters. Unable to flee the base, Rowan fled into a storeroom where he tried to ambush M-OC. Before M-OC could capture Rowan, the droid was ambushed and disintegrated by Darth Vader, his rival for the Emperor's favor. Vader captured Rowan and took him aboard a Lambda-class shuttle to Coruscant.[30]

Imperial captive[]

Following his capture on Qalydon, Lord Vader brought Rowan to the Imperial Palace on Coruscant. There, Rowan informed the Emperor that he had destroyed the Kyber Saber. While the Emperor was enraged, Lord Vader managed to convince him that they could use Rowan to find more kyber crystals for the second Death Star.[31]

The Emperor tried to win Rowan over to the dark side by showing him a hologram presentation of his life as a Senator who became Emperor. However, Rowan was bored. The Emperor then allowed Vader to use an invasive mind probe to discover the location of Jedi Master Baird Kantoo's crystal planet. A pleased Vader contacted Graballa and tasked him with procuring more kyber crystals from the planet.[31]

Believing that Rowan had outlived his usefulness, the Emperor ordered that Rowan be executed. However, Rowan was rescued by his brother Zander and sister Kordi, who had infiltrated the Imperial Palace during their raid on Coruscant. They met with Roger, who was flying the Arrowhead at the top spire of the Imperial Palace. However, M-OC had hijacked the Arrowhead and threw Roger out of the ship.[31]

M-OC attacked them with the Arrowhead, causing the Freemakers to fall down the battlements. Rowan used the Force to cushion his and his siblings' blow. He then used his Force powers to build an Ugly, which the Freemakers used to escape Coruscant. However, the four of them were pursued by M-OC in the Arrowhead, who was determined to destroy the Freemakers once and for all.[31]

Skirmish on Shantipole[]

M-OC soon caught up with the Freemakers in the Coruscant system. Rejecting their attempts to surrender, M-OC proceeded to destroy Rowan's "Ugly" with the Arrowhead. Before he could finish them off, Quarrie arrived in the StarScavenger and rescued them. The Freemakers and Quarrie fled into hyperspace but were pursued by M-OC, who had planted an XX-23 S-thread tracker on the their ship.[32]

The Freemakers and Quarrie exited hyperspace in an asteroid field but were pursued by M-OC. In an attempt to lose M-OC, Quarrie advised the Freemakers to travel to the stormy planet of Shantipole. Braving the dangerous atmospheric conditions above Shantipole, the Freemakers managed to land the StarScavenger at Quarrie's base.[32]

However, Rowan and the others knew that the relentless M-OC was waiting for them above. After Roger pointed out that M-OC was obsessed with Rowan, the Freemakers and Quarrie came up with a plan to lure M-OC into a trap, which involved attaching a tractor beam projector onto the StarScavenger's hull. The Freemakers then flew the StarScavenger up into the atmosphere to bait M-OC.[32]

Following a brief skirmish, Quarrie managed to use the tractor beam projector to drag the Arrowhead and M-OC down into Shantipole's stormy atmosphere. As they descended into Shantipole, the two ships were struck by lightning, causing them to lose power. However, the tractor beam projector was knocked off the StarScavenger. Rowan and Roger, who were flying the Mini Scavenger, then sprang into action.[32]

Rowan jumped onto the Arrowhead and used his Force powers to free the giant kyber crystal from the energy matrix activator. M-OC engaged Rowan in a lightsaber duel. Despite strong resistance from M-OC, Rowan managed to remove the kyber crystal and escape with Roger on the Mini Scavenger. Zander then rammed the StarScavenger into the Arrowhead before evacuating the ship with Kordi and M-OC.[32]

Though the StarScavenger and Arrowhead were destroyed, M-OC survived the crash and confronted Rowan, intent on eliminating him. However, Rowan managed to convince M-OC not to kill him and his siblings by claiming that his programming was fault. M-OC then realized that the Emperor's plan to destroy the rebels with the second Death Star was flawed. After building a small starship using parts from the wrecked StarScavenger and Arrowhead, M-OC left for the second Death Star.[32]

Battle of Endor[]

Rowan used his Force Building powers to rebuild the StarScavenger, incorporation elements of the Arrowhead to make a more powerful and spacious ship. After escaping Shantipole, the Freemakers and Quarrie traveled to Sullust only to discover that the rebel fleet had already departed for the Battle of Endor. Seeking a weapon to defeat M-OC, Rowan discovered that the Kyber Saber had not been destroyed in the lava fields. With the help of Roger, Rowan managed to retrieve the Kyber Saber.[33]

Traveling to the Endor system, the Freemakers used the Embersteel Blade to breach the second Death Star. After landing the StarScavenger in a hangar, Rowan led an attack on several stormtroopers. Despite using the Kyber Saber and his Force Building powers to overwhelm them, Rowan was stunned by a stormtrooper's stun bolt. Though the Freemakers and Quarrie were captured and imprisoned in a detention block, they were freed by Zander's love interest Becky Smoochenbacher, who also retrieved the Kyber Saber.[33]

After escaping their cell, the Freemakers headed to a command console where they learned that the rebels had disabled the Death Star's shield generator. Though Kordi and Zander wanted to help Rowan face M-OC, he was unwilling to endanger his family and used the Force to shove them and Quarrie into a turbolift.[33]

Rowan then headed to the second Death Star's reactor core when he attacked M-OC with his Force powers and the Kyber Saber. Unable to match M-OC's firepower, Rowan used the Kyber Saber to summon M-OC's giant kyber crystal, which he taken from the Arrowhead. However, M-OC was able to distract Rowan by using a hologram projection of Kordi and Zander to distract him. Before M-OC could kill Rowan, he was distracted, as Rowan saw the sight of the Emperor falling to his death. Rowan took advantage of M-OC's distraction to plunge the Kyber Saber into M-OC's giant kyber crystal, causing an explosion that destroyed the hunter droid.[33]

Following M-OC's disintegration, Rowan was rescued by his family who escaped the second Death Star in the StarScavenger. Rowan, his siblings, and Roger joined the other rebels including Valeria and M-OC at the victory celebrations in Bright Tree Village. There, Rowan met Luke Skywalker and demonstrated his Force Building powers by levitating and reconstructing a treasure chest. Kordi then introduced Rowan to Skywalker.[33]

After Jakku[]

Following the Battle of Jakku, Rowan felt that the Force had a purpose for him other than joining Luke Skywalker's new Jedi Order. As such, he parted with his family, charging Roger with watching over his yet unborn niece Moxie. He then let the Force guide him into space, and found himself back on the planet where the ruined city of Aliston Nor lay. Knowing that the new Jedi would eventually have need of it, Rowan dedicated the remainder of his life to restoring the city to its former glory

Personality and traits[]

"I like a fuss."
―Rowan to Naare[src]

Rowan was Force-sensitive and known to be adventurous and curious. The youngest member of the Freemaker family, he had a knack for getting himself and his family into trouble.[3] Rowan had a deep sense of love and loyalty towards his family which extended to the servant battle droid Roger, who served as his long-time companion.[5] Rowan's life entered a new pivotal turning point when he discovered that he was Force-sensitive. As a result, Rowan became involved in a quest to find the pieces of the Kyber Saber, a powerful ancient lightsaber capable of destroying the galaxy. Due to his impressionable youth and naivety, Rowan was won over by the Sith agent Naare, who posed as a Jedi and offered to train him in the ways of the Force.[3]

Rowan had a deep sense of loyalty and commitment to his family despite their disagreements and flaws. He regarded Zander as a big brother who liked fun. Still, Rowan recognized that Zander had poor impulse control when it came to starships.[6] Rowan also looked up to Kordi as a surrogate parental and authority figure.[5] Rowan also regarded Roger as a friend and long-time companion whom he could confide his worries and concerns with.[10]

Rowan's devotion to finding the pieces of the Kyber Saber led him to disregard other priorities, which sometimes placed him and his family in danger.[5] Rowan could also speak the Wookiee language Shyriiwook which enabled him to communicate with Wookiees and diffuse misunderstanding.[8] Rowan had an uneasy relationship with Naare, who was more concerned with finding the Kyber Saber for her Sith masters.[9] When Rowan discovered that Naare was a Sith double agent, he was initially despondent because Naare had told him that he could be a Jedi.[11] Despite his unpleasant experience with Naare, Rowan found more worthy mentors in the form of the Jedi Luke Skywalker[9] and Jek; who taught him how to harness his Force powers.[12] In addition, Roger reluctantly taught him more Jedi combat techniques.[15]

Rowan was brave and had a strong moral compass. He believed that it was dishonorable to turn down a request from the Wookiee chief Attiburra to rescue his son Tantarra after getting a piece of wroshyr wood from the Wookiees.[8] Later, he convinced his siblings Zander and Kordi that it was wrong for them to steal three varactyl eggs in order to pay a debt to Hondo Ohnaka. Rowan displayed courage and fortitude when he confronted Hondo over his unethical order to steal the varactyl eggs, which fetched a high prize on the black market. During that same test, he also overcame the temptation to used the dark side to subdue the varactyls and instead used the light side to reason with them.[11]

Rowan Freemaker was enthusiastic about joining the Rebel Alliance. He took pride in his role of destroying the Kyber Saber, believing that it was too dangerous for anyone to wield.[17] Rowan also knew how to make the best out of a bad situation. His connection to the Force and flexibility once enabled him to turn a disaster into a success for both his family and the rebels. Rowan took pride in helping to fight for the Rebellion by contributing to the destruction of Strike Station Aurek.[19] Despite his enthusiasm, Rowan knew restraint and once voice concerned when Zander overloaded the Blazemaker Mark II with too many laser cannons.[20] Rowan was also a good team player and supported his siblings during their missions together.[21]

The Mon Calamari rebel shipbuilder Quarrie realized that Rowan had potential as a shipbuilder and recruited him as his apprentice.[22] Rowan was also known to bend the rules to suit himself. On one occasion, he used a loophole in Zander's instructions to borrow the StarScavenger for an errant mission to Alistan Nor. Rowan was also playful and once flung a centipede at Roger. This playfulness also extended to his confidence, bravely telling Naare in the fight before their last that “he liked a fuss”. Rowan also had a special destiny in the Force to build a powerful starship called the Arrowhead and received Force visions.[23]

Rowan's quest to build the Arrowhead distracted him from other matters such as his siblings' mission to rescue Major Bren Derlin. Rowan was also naive and trusting; a trait that was exploited by the slippery pirate Hondo Ohnaka. Hondo exploited Rowan's desire to obtain a proton suspension housing from a Corellian Defender by luring him and his siblings to Taul and stealing their starship. Fortunately, Hondo was bested by Roger, who rescued his family. While Rowan could not best M-OC in combat, he managed to outmaneuver and outsmart the hunter droid by using a metal pole to electrocute him.[25]

Rowan was able to relate to fellow younglings like the Lurmen Maynar. While Maynar did not believe in the Force and kyber crystals, she came to realize their power after seeing Rowan use the Force in combat against M-OC and to recover her people's crystals.[27] Rowan also recognized the devastation that the kyber crystals were capable of wreaking but realized that doing nothing would allow the Emperor to wreak destruction on the galaxy.[28]

After the Freemakers successfully built the Arrowhead, Rowan grew over-confident and thought that he could handle anything. Rowan's over-confidence proved to be his undoing when M-OC used his friendship with Maynar to lure him into a trap on Qalydon.[30]

While Rowan was upset that he had been unable to resist Darth Vader's mind probe and revealed the location of more kyber crystals to the Empire, Roger reassured him that they had managed to escape and were safe.[31]

After Roger pointed out that M-OC was obsessed with him, Rowan and his siblings and Quarrie came up with a plan to trap M-OC on Shantipole. Besides his Force powers and lightsaber skills, Rowan was able to convince M-OC to end his hunt by claiming that his programming was flawed. However, this convinced M-OC that the Emperor's second Death Star contained a flaw.[32]

While Rowan was determined to defeat M-OC, his love for his family led him to take on the hunter droid alone. Rowan's love for his family was reciprocated by his siblings, who rescued him from the second Death Star prior to its destruction. Despite his Force powers, Rowan showed humility and a willingness to work and learn from others like his family and Master Skywalker.[33]

Powers and abilities[]

As a Force-sensitive individual, Rowan had the power to sense the pieces of the Kyber Saber.[3] Whenever he sensed the crystal, he would enter into a trance-like state.[5] On Felucia, Rowan discovered that he could use the Force to summon flower petals to open. This enabled him to distract an acklay while Roger recovered the StarScavenger's hyperdrive motivator.[9] Rowan could also use his Force powers to communicate with animals including varactyl lizards. While he briefly toyed with the dark side, Rowan ultimately chose the light side.[11]

Rowan learned various lightsaber techniques from Jek-14 and by watching Roger's recordings of battles with the Jedi during the Clone Wars. He was able to use the Force to hurl and retrieve objects, and to leap onto high places.[15] In addition, Rowan was good at impersonating others. On two occasions, he used a voice distortion device and dark robes to impersonate Emperor Palpatine.[13][16] During his final battle with Naare, Rowan used the Force to summon debris to trap her but refused to strike her down when she was helpless since that bring him close to the dark side.[16]

Coming from a starship building and scavenging family, Rowan knew how to pilot the Mini Scavenger.[15] Like his siblings and Roger, Rowan was good at fixing starships and put these skills to good use when he joined the Rebel Alliance.[18] As his Force powers grew, Rowan was able to use the Force to repair starships and even to hurl bombs.[19] Rowan later learned how to levitate objects with the Force. Despite his lightsaber skills, Rowan was outmatched by the gadgets of the Imperial hunter droid M-OC. He also once experienced a Force vision of himself building a ship known as the Arrowhead.[22] By the time of the battle of Jakku, Rowan's Force powers had increased so much that he was able to briefly halt a falling Star Destroyer, though this prowess visibly and painfully strained him.[34]

Rowan was initially not a skilled pilot and Roger once negatively likened his flying abilities to Zander. Though Rowan was still a novice Jedi and Force Builder, he was able to use the Force to leap from various vines at the Tower of Alistan Nor while simultaneously protecting Quarrie and Roger and fighting M-OC.[23] By the time of the Mygeeto mission to obtain embersteel wings, Rowan's piloting skills had improved and he flew the StarScavenger during a dogfight against Graballa's starfighters.[24]

Rowan was able to use the Force to levitate heavy objects including a Corellian Defender and a metal pole. He used a metal pole to electrocute M-OC. Rowan also could hurl his lightsaber in a boomerang wave with the aid of the Force.[25] While Rowan could perform mind tricks, he was unable to perform it on Trandoshans since they were immune to them.[26]

Rowan later found that he could use his Force building powers to entomb M-Oc in wreckage, causing the hunter droid to continue upgrading himself.[27] As a Force Builder, Rowan was able to use the Force to create platforms and makeshift stairs, levitate, and to forge a big kyber crystal out of smaller crystals.[28] With the help of Quarrie, Rowan achieved a major goal in his life by building the Arrowhead following a series of trials and adventures.[29]

While Rowan was a skilled fighter and Force user, he was unable to match M-OC's combat moves since the droid was able to learn from its earlier encounters with him.[30] During the skirmish over Shantipole, Rowan was strong enough to use the Force to jump in mid-air and levitate the Arrowhead's giant kyber crystal.[32]

Rowan's connection to the Kyber Saber allowed him to retrieve them from the lava fields of Sullust. Though he was unable to match M-OC's technological might, Rowan was able to use the Kyber Saber to call out to M-OC's giant kyber crystal. Rowan later impressed Skywalker by using his Force Building powers to levitate and assemble a chest.[33]


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