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Rowdy was Jaina Solo's R9-series astromech droid and co-pilot of her StealthX starfighter when she left Coruscant to assist Luke Skywalker and Ben Skywalker in their assault against Abeloth. Rowdy participated in a battle against Ship, a Sith Meditation Sphere under the control of Abeloth, as well as the subsequent skirmish defending the Rockhound against Sith pirates.

Jaina had recently tinkered with the droid, adding a humor protocol to its abilities, giving him the name "Rowdy". She did not exactly enjoy Rowdy's humor, comparing it to the jokes her late brother, Jacen, had told in their childhood.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the audio version of Fate of the Jedi: Allies, Rowdy is portrayed as having a neutral, monotone voice even when attempting humor at stressful times, such as combat.


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