The Royal Casino, formerly Lucky's Tavern, was a casino located in Cloud City. It was built by Lucky Malnock who named the establishment after himself. After his retirement as a wealthy man, Lucky sold the tavern which then became a place of gambling under the new management.

When Jacc Mandelbrot bought the district that surrounded the tavern, he renamed it Royal Casino. Baron Administrator, Lando Calrissian had a stake in the business.

Locations[edit | edit source]

The Ante Room[edit | edit source]

This was the location of the original Lucky's Tavern. The room contained a dance floor that used gravity generators to vary the gravity level from one g to roughly twice the gravity of Cloud City in the center of the floor.

Gambling machines lined the walls enabling patrons to play games such as warp-top, Spatz and Jubilee Wheel.

The Card Hall[edit | edit source]

Droids, datapads, weapons and non house cards were all banned from The Card Hall, a room where games such as sabacc and liar's cut were played.

A table was reserved for use of members of the Corellian Merchants' Guild.

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