"For your peerless championing of civic virtue and uncompromising moral convictions, Alderaan looks to adopt you, Horox Ryyder, as a heroic son. While she is saddened by your departure from the government, she and all her people are indebted to your countless contributions to peace and freedom."
―Senator Bail Organa, presenting the Royal Chalcedony Shield to retiring Senator Horox Ryyder[src]

The Royal Chalcedony Shield was a medal awarded by the High Court of Alderaan to recognize a being's achievements in peacemaking. The medal was traditionally awarded to Alderaanians, but non-Alderaanians could also receive the medal on occasion. The Anx Republic Senator Horox Ryyder was one of the few such individuals to receive a Royal Chalcedony Shield, being presented the award upon his retirement in 22 BBY by Alderaan Senator Bail Organa.


The Royal Chalcedony Shield was a prestigious medal[3] given out by the High Court of Alderaan—the governing body of the planet Alderaan[1]—to honor those deemed to be champions of civic virtue and possessors of uncompromising moral convictions.[3] The Royal Chalcedony Shield was typically awarded to native Alderaanians, but non-Alderaanians could occasionally be given the medal as well; as such, these recipients would be officially adopted by Alderaan. The medal was silver and was attached to a purple sash that could be worn around the recipient's neck.[2]

Notable recipientsEdit


Senator Horox Ryyder

Horox RyyderEdit

A male Anx, Horox Ryyder represented his homeworld of Gravlex Med in the Senate of the Galactic Republic prior to the start of the Clone Wars. During his tenure in the Senate, Senator Ryyder was known to be a calm, fair-minded politician,[4] one of the few senators who took public measures to end the widespread corruption in the Senate,[5] and always strove to bring about peace whenever possible. As a result, Ryyder formed a close friendship with Alderaan Senator Bail Antilles and later with Antilles's successor in the Senate, Bail Organa.[2]

In 22 BBY, during a small gathering of friends on Gravlex Med, Ryyder announced his retirement from the Senate after more than fifty years of service. Both Antilles and Organa were in attendance, and, during the ceremony, Organa presented Ryyder with the Royal Chalcedony Shield for Ryyder's devotion to justice and equality in the Senate. The HoloNet News later reported on Ryyder's retirement, including Ryyder's receiving of the Royal Chalcedony Shield, as he was one of the few non-Alderaanians to be given the esteemed award.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Royal Chalcedony Award first appeared in the 2002 in-universe HoloNet News Vol. 531 48 article Senator Horox Ryyder Retires. The medal was later given a small entry in the 2008 The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.



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