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"It seems they're only targeting the droid army. If you allow the Royal Onderon Militia to assume control of security, the terrorists may stop and discuss terms."
―General Tandin, to King Sanjay Rash[src]

The Royal Guard of Onderon, later known as the Royal Onderon Milita, was the bodyguard force that served the King of Onderon.


After the ousting of King Ramsis Dendup, General Tandin, the leader of the Royal Onderon Militia, swore his force's allegiance to the new king, Sanjay Rash. However, when Rash attempted to publicly execute Dendup, Tandin led the Royal Onderon Militia against the crown, rescuing Dendup and siding with the Onderon rebels against Rash's regime, which was being backed by General Kalani and the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

Later, they joined the rebels in the Onderon highlands, and served as cavalry against the droid assault. Initially, their lances and mounts overwhelmed the battle droid forces and they proved to be competent soldiers in battle. Their lances, however, could do nothing against the air superiority of the Confederacy. Later, two of them escorted the king in an escape attempt, but were trailed by Commando Droids. They attempted to defeat the droids, but their short-range lance burst could not pierce the body armor of the droids in enough time before they were killed.


During the Clone Wars, guards wielded laser lances and wore light armor. Additionally, they rode mounts into battle.



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