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"It seems they're only targeting the droid army. If you allow the Royal Onderon Militia to assume control of security, the terrorists may stop and discuss terms."
―General Tandin, to King Sanjay Rash[src]

The Royal Onderon Militia,[1] also known as the Onderon royal militia[4] or the Onderon royal guard,[5] and Royal Army, was the militia of the Royal Court of Onderon. Members of this elite fighting force wore ornate grey armor with maroon highlights and wielded laser lances in combat.[2]

Their primary function was protecting the current monarch of Onderon, who at the time of the Clone Wars was King Ramsis Dendup. After Dendup was overthrown by the Separatists, the Royal Onderon Militia for the most part went along with the regime change, protecting the Confederate-installed ruler Sanjay Rash, though it was speculated by super tactical droid General Kalani that some of their members were in fact helping the Onderon rebels against the Confederacy judging by the sophistication and coordination of their weapons and actions.[2]

Whatever the case, the Militia as a whole backed the rebels after their leader,[2] General Akenathen Tandin,[3] defected to the rebels after finding sympathy with one of their leaders. Backing King Dendup, the Militia were placed under the overall command of the rebel leader, Steela Gerrera, and battled alongside the rebels against the droid army. Though several died when the droids unveiled new HMP droid gunships, and two more were slain defending King Dendup from commando droids, the Onderonian army won the day and Dendup was restored to the throne. However, Steela was unfortunately killed in the final battle. At her funeral, two Militia members served as guards of honor.[2]

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