Royal Protectors, or Royal Guards, were soldiers in the Naddist dark side army, who were specially commissioned with protecting the monarchy of the planet Onderon, and their families. In reality, these Royal Protectors were dark side adepts, who drew upon the power of the deceased Sith Lord Freedon Nadd to bolster their strength.

In 4000 BBY, the Protectors were employed by Queen Amanoa of Iziz to protect both she and her daughter from the Beast Riders, who had staged an assault on the Royal Palace of Iziz. They attempted to carry out their mission, but were defeated by the Beast Warrior Commandos who subsequently abducted Amanoa's daughter, Princess Galia.

The Royal Protectors were again active after the Battle of Iziz, when Amanoa had perished. This time they were enlisted by her husband King Ommin, as guardians for his secret underground stronghold under the Palace of Iziz. These guards were too defeated by Jedi, when they stormed Ommin's lair to rescue the captured Jedi Master Arca Jeth.

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