"While the two scripts are similar, small variances differentiate the Royal Script from the Naboo Futhark, a fact made eminently clear when Senator Binks of Naboo famously misinterpreted the name of the Palazzo's Heroine Hall as 'Hero in Hell' during Queen Apailana's state visit to the world."
―Doctor Milanda Vorgan[1]

The Royal Script of Grizmallt was a written language that involved oval designs, used on the planet Grizmallt by the[1] Human Grizmallti.[2] It was displayed on the Palazzo Reina and other buildings constructed during the reign of Queen Elsinoré den Tasia,[1] which began by 3950 BBY[3] and ended in approximately 3900 BBY.[4] The script developed into the Futhark language after the colonization of[1] the planet[3] Naboo by the Grizmallti. Futhark and the Royal Script of Grizmallt were very similar, with only small differences.[1]

In a famous incident during a state visit to Grizmallt by Queen Apailana[1] of Naboo[5] between 21 BBY[6] and 18 BBY,[7] Naboo Senator Jar Jar Binks mistakenly interpreted the name of Palazzo Reina's Heroine Hall as "Hero in Hell." The Royal Script of Grizmallt was acknowledged in "The Written Word: A Brief Introduction to the Writing Systems of Galactic Basic," an article published in 38 ABY by Doctor Milanda Vorgan.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

"Jar-Jar's 'diplomatic incident' with Queen Apailana during her state visit to Grizmallt seemed a good way to hint at the orthographic drift between the Naboo and their forebears, and to have a little fun with a certain klutzy Gungan, of whom we've seen so little in the post-RotS timeframe."
―John Hazlett, in the endnotes for "The Written Word"[7]

The Royal Script of Grizmallt was mentioned in "The Written Word," an in-universe article written by John Hazlett and published on Hyperspace: The Official Star Wars Fan Club, a subscription feature on StarWars.com,[1] on March 5, 2010.[8] Hazlett created the Royal Script as part of the origin story for Futhark, connecting it to the Naboo people's origins from Grizmallt as described in The New Essential Chronology,[7] a 2005 reference book.[9] He added Binks' diplomatic incident to show how the Futhark language had deviated from the Royal Script, while having fun using the clumsy character.[7]


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