The Royal castle was the seat of government in the capital of Tammuz-an.


The castle encompassed the tower that served as the site of the ritual of royal succession on Tammuz-an. Inside the castle, the rulers were seated on a throne encompassed by a massive statue.[1] When in negotiations with foreign dignitiaries, King Julpa used a separate meeting room that contained thrones for the leader of each delegation.[2]

The fortress contained a vast, centuries-old dungeon with an extensive system of tunnels. Dangers inside the dungeon included a pit containing a durkii, hallways lined with ancient battle droids, a lava pool, as well as rooms with trap doors and closing walls. Mon Julpa's father had taught him about a secret entrance into the dungeon, which was used in an attempt to reach the ceremonial tower in secrecy.[1] The dungeon also contained a prison, which was used to house criminals such as the pirate captain Gir Kybo Ren-Cha and his gang.[2]

The castle also had a massive hangar where groundcars, Imperial Side Gunner vehicles, as well as several squadrons of R-22 Spearhead fighters,[2] Imperial Sniper Vehicles, Floater-935s and Ubrikkian Airhooks were stationed.[1]


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