This article is about the miner. You may be looking for the smuggler.

Royce was a Kadas'sa'Nikto prospector who, partnered with Samuel, discovered an inhospitable planet rich with ore. Cheated out of his discovery Royce kidnapped his partner's daughter, Leddar. During the credit exchange for Leddar, Royce was brought down by Darca Nyl. When Samuel wanted to confront Royce, Darca threw them a blaster (which was not in fact working) and told them that they were free to fight it out and live a short life of hatred and revenge, ignoring what was important. He didn't care, he said. Samuel quickly regret his own actions and selfishness and rushed to his daughter, whereas Royce picked up the gun, trying to shoot Samuel. Realizing it was broken, he hesitated a second before he ran into the wastelands.



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