The Rseik sector was a sector located within the Outer Rim Territories near the Minos Cluster. Law in the sector was enforced by the Rseikharhl species, who used LE-VO law enforcement droids.


By the time of the Bordal Contagion of 214 BBY, the Rseik sector was part of the Galactic Republic. However the Republic authority had ceased to exist beyond Kabal and the Rseik and neighboring Tamarin sector had fallen into anarchy. The region had become a pirate heaven and Planetary Security Forces were outgunned by them.[3]

But following the Bordal Contagion, various organizations in both sectors, including the Ma'ar Shaddam Weaponsmiths Guild, Kett Shipping, Rseikharhl Hullspace and Cotellieri Transports Limited decided to arrange a meeting with a representative from the Trade Federation. After a single day of meeting on Syned, the organizations agreed to become members of the Federation. Shortly afterward, warships from the Trade Defense Force overwhelmed the pirates in the area. Eventually the Trade Federation took control over the entire Rseik and Tamarin sectors.[3]


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