Rucker was a fifth year male Human Sith Acolyte, who trained at Darth Scabrous's Sith academy on Odacer-Faustin.

He was present inside the academy's cafeteria when infected students broke in and attacked all those inside. He was the first to notice that the entire cafeteria was locked in, after trying to pry the doors open in front of his impatient peers. As he was being devoured by a student, he witnessed Rance Lussk standing on top of a table, arms spread open, as zombies attacked him.

The undead Rucker found his way to a small group of Sith students, Ra'at, Kindra, Hartwig, and Maggs. The group then decided to take him down, and they strategically sliced his corpse to pieces, though it was still twitching.

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