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Rudrig was a planet located within the Tion Hegemony of the Outer Rim.


Rudrig was a lush[2] and quiet planet where weapons were officially prohibited. It was home to the vast University of Rudrig, arguably the Hegemony's best post-secondary school. The university had campuses and classrooms scattered everywhere amid the gray soil and purple grasses of Rudrig.[3]

Wraith Squadron pilot Ton Phanan was from Rudrig.[6]


One of the original member-worlds of the Kingdom of Cron, it was absorbed into Xim's empire. After the empire collapsed, it would continue to thrive as a world of the Honorable Union of Desevro & Tion, eventually being part of the Tion Hegemony when the Tion Cluster joined the Republic.[2]

In the Republic's final years, the Tion Cluster worlds joined the CIS and were later members of the Galactic Empire.[2]

Han Solo and Chewbacca were involved in a high-speed chase on a Rudrig freeway during one of their early adventures.[3]

A Rudrig crime ring later tortured a kidnap victim by using an Imperial interrogation droid stolen from a battle zone, one impetus behind the Historical Battle Site Preservation Act established by the New Republic.[7] The sector was later represented in the New Republic Senate by Senator Nyxy from Rudrig.[5]



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