Ruetsavii was the title of a Gand observer who was sent by the Elders of Gand to evaluate any Gand who had performed deeds of a specific heroic nature. If the Gand in question was found to have proved themselves sufficiently worthy of recognition, they underwent the rite of janwuine-jika and could also be granted the title of a Gand findsman. Under the rules of Gand grammar and syntax, those specific findsman could then refer to themselves in the first person without being thought of as rude or arrogant because, once this status was confirmed and the title of janwuine given, all Gand would know who that individual was.

During the Thyferran campaign of 7 ABY, a trio of ruetsavii were sent to follow and record the exploits of Ooryl Qrygg, one of the ex-Rogues involved in the fighting and evaluate him. Ooryl was embarrassed by having the observers following him around; Mirax Terrik also noted that it was rare to see one Gand, let alone three of that species together.

The ruetsavii, each flying a curious craft that was essentially a modified TIE/sa bomber with chopped solar arrays and equipped with shields and hyperdrives, participated in several raids during the Bacta War and in the Battle of Thyferra itself. Their presence helped to make up for some of the losses suffered by Rogue Squadron and Tal'dira's Chir'daki Squadron at the hands of the Star Destroyer Corrupter.

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