"Trammel, I don't know much about. […] But for all his wind-bagging, for all his stomping and buying and threatening, he hasn't done all that much to really impress me. Strikes me as the kind who's just out to make a name for himself."
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Rufus Trammel was a smuggler who lived during the last decades of the Old Republic.


Rufus Trammel was a Human male from the Almas moon Dorumaa. He was a skinny man, appearing quite frail with thinning sandy hair, often ready with a friendly smile. Trammel worked as a dealer in exotics, building a reputation over ten years as a man who could acquire almost anything for his clients. However, his techniques were not always aboveboard. On one occasion he harvested plant samples from the moon Blathar III. After his departure, off-world viruses wiped out most of the world's vegetation, allowing Trammel to sell many samples back to the Blathar government at a huge profit. This incident caused Nirama's Organization to publicly castigate Trammel, and disavow any dealings with the dealer.[1]

Since that incident, Trammel shifted his focus to exotic wildlife. In 31 BBY he began investigating Dorumaa, often seen crossing its oceans on his yacht skiff Mine Mine Mine—although never driving it himself. Trammel bid on a private platform on Tolea Biqua, but withdrew his offer when Nirama's Organization deliberately leaked this offer to the public. Trammel was also rumored to have connections with the Metatheran Cartel.[1]

After the popular documentary A Galaxy Befuddled, by A. Rahring, brought public attention to the Dorumaan leviathan, the last two known leviathans suddenly became very important. When one of them disappeared, it was suspected that it had been kidnapped by Trammel, who probably would try to sell it to one of Rahring's fans.

Personality and traitsEdit

"Trammel's just as nasty a type as any out there, so I don't doubt that's kinda what he's plannin' to do. But as long as Nirama stays off in the asteroids, he's got nothin' to worry about from Trammel."
Old Ezil[src]

Trammel has a reputation as an unpleasant man, despite his ready friendly smile. He was known to offer a warm handshake, but to hold it for slightly longer than expected. He was a competent speaker in a number of languages, including Basic, Caarite, Neimoidian, Rodese and Ryl. Trammel also had a custom made blaster.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Rufus Trammel was created by Morrie Mullins in one of the many supporting articles he wrote for the Living Force campaign. This particular article, New Crimelord: Rufus Trammel, was a supplement to the adventure Depths of Dorumaa and gave a short biography of Trammel and provided his roleplaying statistics. While Trammel did not appear in Depths of Dorumaa itself, the event in the adventure, namely the revival of the Dorumaan leviathans, set up some of Trammel's later activity in the campaign.



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