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Ruggers were a type of arboreal, herbivorous rodent native to the Forest Moon of Endor. Expert climbers, the agile creatures were hunted by many of the moon's predators, including the temptor, which used the furry heads of their long tongues to effectively bait the characteristically curious ruggers.

The sentient Yuzzum also hunted ruggers, using domesticated rakazzak beasts to try and catch the rodents when they hid in long grasses so that they could make roasted "rugger." Rugger song could be heard in the treetop villages of the sentient Ewok species as ruggers climbed through the settlements.

Biology and appearance[]

Ruggers were a type of herbivorous rodent that mostly fed on nuts. They had bushy green-and-white fur covering their bodies but heads and tails that were instead covered in shorter brown-and-white fur, bar a tuft of longer fur at the tip of the tail. A rugger's eyes were orange and positioned on either side of the head, with two large ears pointing back above the eyes and a mouth and blue snout located below.[1]

Each of the creatures' four limbs were unfurred, showing their green-and-white skin, and ended in paws with three digits. The small claws on each digit and the suction cups on a rugger's paws allowed the creatures to spread evenly across vertical surfaces, adding to the agile rodents' incredible climbing abilities and extraordinary sense of balance. These traits had developed in response to the many predators that hunted ruggers.[1]


Ruggers could be heard singing as they climbed through Ewok villages.

Ruggers were arboreal in nature, spending most of their time in the trees of their homeworld, the Forest Moon of Endor,[1] although they also hid within tall grasses.[3] The creatures would sometimes sing when they climbed.[2] They were one of the better-off lifeforms in the moon's ecosystem but existed at the bottom of the food chain, often needing to use their dexterity to try and avoid the many predators to whom they were very vulnerable.[1]

However, ruggers were intrepid and characteristically curious creatures, and one type of predator—known as the temptor—made effective use of this. Temptors hunted by hiding inside trees or underground and poking out only the tip of their tongue, which resembled the furry head of a small rodent. Many reckless ruggers met their end after following the bait into the temptor's lair out of curiosity, discovering a large pair of voracious jaws instead of the small rodent they expected.[1]


The Yuzzum, a sentient species native to the plains of Endor, loved eating roasted "rugger." In order to help them catch ruggers hiding in tall grasses, the Yuzzum domesticated and rode swift rakazzak beasts.[3] Rugger song could sometimes be heard as the creatures climbed through the treetop villages of the sentient Ewok species.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

A rugger in Disney Infinity 3.0

In the new Star Wars canon, Ruggers were first mentioned in the reference book Ultimate Star Wars,[4] released on April 29, 2015.[5] Later that year, on August 30,[6] ruggers appeared in the Rise Against the Empire Play Set of the non-canon video game Disney Infinity 3.0.[7] The creatures originated in the Star Wars Legends continuity, where ruggers were first mentioned in The Illustrated Star Wars Universe, a 1995 reference book written by Kevin J. Anderson.[8]

In the Legends continuity, the ruggers were first depicted in illustrations by Terryl Whitlatch included in the 1999 reference book The Wildlife of Star Wars: A Field Guide.[9] One of these images was reprinted as the first canonical depiction of ruggers in "Geonosis and Other Outer Rim Planets," a booklet published by De Agostini as part of their Star Wars Encyclopedia series[1] on November 23, 2021.[10]



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