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Ruggers were fluffy rodents native to the forest moon of Endor, and were considered cute to many species in the galaxy. They lived in the planetoid's grassy plains (yellow-furred) or high in the trees (greenish white-furred), eating nuts and berries, and hibernating in the winter. They had sharp front incisors and suction-like foot pads among their adaptations. Ruggers were favored prey of Yuzzum and temptors. Domestic ruggers were kept as pets by the wealthy on Coruscant and had white fur.



Notes and referencesEdit

  1. No source has firmly established the ruggers' level of sentience. While The Official Star Wars Fact File 109 (END16, "Endor Wildlife") establishes that the species was native to the moon of Endor, Geonosis and the Outer Rim Worlds, p. 40, states that Ewoks and Yuzzums were the only sentient natives of the Forest Moon. "Castaways of Endor" establishes that Duloks, too, were native sentients. Thus, as Endor natives, the ruggers could have been non-sentient or semi-sentient, but not fully sentient.
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Yuzzum versus rugger (WOSW)

A plains rugger flees a Yuzzum hunter.

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