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A dense coral forest.

Rugosa land coral was a species of coral found in dryer regions on the moon of Rugosa.


Yoda and his clone escort in a coral forest.

Coral once flourished in large oceans of Rugosa. Several species of coral were able to survive outside of water when the oceans dried up. There were several types of this hard coral, which ranged in color from blue to purple. The various types of land coral included brain, antler, fan, and needle shaped coral. The largest corals were roughly the same size as trees on many worlds and functioned in the environment in much the same manner. Thick coral forests could be found in some areas of Rugosa. Neebrays made their home in these forests.


Jedi Master Yoda and three clone troopers used one of these coral forests to avoid a Separatist ambush during their mission on the moon.