"You think Dooku funded his war effort by stealing from outside worlds? No. He took from us, his own people. His quest for power is why our city is now buried in rubble."
―Romar Adell, to Clone Force 99[3]

"Ruins of War" is the second episode of the second season of the animated television series Star Wars: The Bad Batch. It premiered on Disney+ alongside the first episode, "Spoils of War," on January 4, 2023.[1]

Official description[]

The Batch must decide who to trust as they plan their escape.

Plot summary[]


Still in freefall, Omega, Tech, and Echo are thrown around the cargo container until its reentry thrusters fire. Meanwhile, Wrecker and Hunter prepare to sneak through the city back to the Marauder. The three in the cargo container skid to a landing on the edge of a crumbling cliff. As they prepare to exit the container, the container begins to shift off the cliff and Tech's left femur is fractured under a falling container.

Hide and seek[]

Elsewhere, clone troopers under the command of Captain Wilco begin searching for all members of the Bad Batch. Wilco also receives news that the majority of the containers have crashed in the upper forest region of Serenno. Believing that the two other infiltrators are inside the city, Wilco orders that their topside forces be redirected and for his men to monitor comm channels. He also orders for a shuttle to be prepared.

Omega and Echo pull Tech to safety over a cliff. Omega insists that they can't leave without the war chest but Echo counters that escaping is more important than recovering the treasure. Hunter and Wrecker scout the city while evading LAAT/i gunships. Knowing they are being monitored, Hunter sends a coded message over comms, instructing the others to follow Plan Double Zero and go radio silent.

As Tech, Echo, and Omega receive this message, Omega notes that they are being followed. The man, Romar Adell, denies he is working for the Galactic Empire. He claims there is no shelter but Tech notices a heat source 200 meters to the west and deduces that it is Romar's home. Echo asks a reluctant Romar to take them there.

Meanwhile, Wilco orders his squads to find all 50 lost cargo containers and the rogue clones. Watching under the cover of darkness, Hunter tells Wrecker that they will have to break through the ranks of the Imperial clone troopers and asks if he has any explosives left. Wrecker says he only had a couple of smoke bombs. Hunter and Wrecker soon find old Separatist tanks which they hope to use to break the ranks of the troopers blocking them from the Marauder.

Guests of Romar[]

Arriving at Romar's home, Romar learns that the three clones are rogue clones who used to serve the Galactic Republic. When Omega asks Romar why he is living in the middle of nowhere, Romar explains that he and other survivors of the Bombardment of Serenno were forced to flee. Omega proposes going back to complete their mission and retrieve the war chest. Echo thinks it is too dangerous. When Omega persist that they must complete the mission, Romar remarks that she is similar the other clones and suggests staying away from the war chest.

Romar explains that Dooku funded his war effort not just by stealing from outside worlds but also from exploiting his own people. Romar says that Dooku's quest for power has led to the destruction of their city. Omega offers to share the contents of the container. Romar does not want to have anything to do with the treasure and says it is better that the sooner it is gone. He tells the clones they are not welcome before heading down a trapdoor. When Omega protests on retrieving the war chest, Echo orders Omega to keep an eye on Romar. Omega reluctantly enters the trapdoor.

Back at Romar's home, the old man gives Omega a colorful kaleidoscope, which she immediately hopes is worth money. Romar explains that it is an optical illusion that relies on colored glass. When Omega expresses her disappointment that the kaleidoscope is not treasure, Romar tells her that it is a toy, a foreign concept to Omega, and adds that it making her happy is worth more than any treasure. Omega returns to Tech and Echo, who are still discussing the war chest. Believing they can still make use of the war chest, Echo leaves to check for patrols.

Romar soon returns with a Model two datacore and asks Tech if he can borrow his spanner. He explains that this device contains a fragment of the Serennian people's history, culture, art, music, and memories. Tech decides to help Romar restore the Serennian datacore. After spotting Romar's rappeling cable, Omega forms a plan to get the war chest.

Fighting back[]

Meanwhile, Wrecker and Hunter try to get the tanks working but fail due to their wrecked and derelict conditions. Nearby, Wilco and his clone troopers close in on the two Batch members and prepare to attack. Wrecker and Hunter endeavor to fix the tank as the clones attack. While Hunter provides firing cover and hurls a smoke bomb at the Imperials, Wrecker fixes a cannon on the tank. He destroys the approaching V-wing starfighter, giving them the advantage over the Imperials. Hunter and Wrecker force Wilco and his troops to retreat.

Omega's rogue mission[]

At Romar's home, Tech fixes the datacore, much to Romar's delight. Echo returns and notices Omega is missing. After Romar realizes that his rappeling cable is gone, Tech discerns that she went back after the war chest. The two clones set out to find her before the Imperials do. As Tech leaves, Romar expresses concern about his broken left leg but Tech insists that he can manage.

Meanwhile, Omega rappels down to the crashed cargo container. Elsewhere, Wrecker manages to slow down the pursuing Imperial clone troopers by firing a rock into their path. A search and recovery squad consisting of three clone troopers approaches the cargo container that Omega is in. Echo reaches her just as the squad begins firing, so he jumps down to join her. A blasted bolt from one the clone troopers' speeder bikes cuts the cable.

Omega reveals to Echo her full pack of treasure but Echo warns her that there are clone troopers outside. Outside, the lead clone trooper reports their encounter with Echo to Captain Wilco, who dispatches a gunship to aid them. Despite his injuries, Tech manages to take out one of the clone troopers manning a gun emplacement. He then dodges blaster fire from the remaining clone troopers.

After learning that Wrecker and Hunter are retreating to the eastern side, Captain Wilco reroutes air support to that area. Hunter and Wrecker reach the Marauder while evading their Imperial pursuers. Once aboard, Hunter ask for Tech's coordinates, which he transmits. They encounter three enemy V-wings and Hunter sends Wrecker to man the rear guns.

Escaping Serenno[]

Tech engages in a physical struggle with one of the pursuing clone troopers behind a tree. Following a struggle, he manages to subdue the clone. The third remaining clone trooper attempts to check on his comrade CT-3278 but Tech shoots him down before he can man his tripod. This is ultimately too much and Tech collapses from his exertions.

While climbing up the cargo container, Omega loses her pack in the collapse and is upset because she overheard a conversation between Hunter and Echo who mentioned that they can't have a normal life with her around. Echo convinces her to leave it. The two escape the cargo container before it falls over the edge.

Meanwhile, Romar helps Tech up and they spot the approaching gunship. Tech takes a gun to shoot down the ship, while Romar tries to pull Omega and Echo up. As debris falls, they are thrown down further, but Romar uses a stolen speeder bike to finally pull them back. The Marauder arrives, making the final V-wing crash into the cliff, and the Bad Batch is finally reunited. Romar allows Echo to keep the kaleidoscope and to remember what he said. Romar decides to stay behind and watches the clones fly away.


On the ship, Omega apologizes to Echo for her behavior on the mission, citing her wish to only repay the squad for taking her in. Echo reassures Omega that taking her in was the right choice, as they otherwise would be still serving the Empire. He says that they will do it all again.

Later at the Imperial shipyard, Captain Wilco reports to Vice Admiral Edmon Rampart that his men has recovered 85% of the war chest. Rampart dismisses this, and instead notes the mention of Clone Force 99 in Wilco's report, who were officially confirmed dead in the bombardment of Kamino. Wilco confirms that he sighted two members of the rogue clone unit.

Rampart further explains that the squad's survival would cause him to lose the favor of Governor Tarkin, and orders Wilco to file a falsified report. Unwilling to submit falsified information, Wilco rejects Rampart's order. In response, Rampart aims a blaster at Wilco, who attempts to wrestle the weapon away in vain before being shot and stumbling off the cliffside of the Imperial shipyard.


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