Ruisto was a planet located in the Calamari sector of the Outer Rim Territories.


Ruisto was a mostly terrestrial world with small, high-saline oceans.[3] It was home to a colony of Mon Calamari who had built small shipyards in orbit of the planet.[4]


Between 4400 and 4200 BBY, Ruisto became the very first world colonized by the Mon Calamari outside their own star system.[2][3]

In 4166 BBY, Old Republic scouts made the first contact with Mon Calamari starships near Ruisto during the expansion of the Perlemian Trade Route.[2]

In 2 ABY, the aged Grand Moff Therbon grew frustrated with his inability to retake Mon Calamari.[3] Since the Empire had been unwilling to gather a fleet large enough to assault the Mon Calamari homeworld, the Mon Calamari colony on Ruisto became a suitable substitute target. The Empire deployed an assault fleet comprised of Star Destroyers to bombard Ruisto.[4] During the attack, Grand Moff Therbon ordered a sustained orbital bombardment that wiped out all life on Ruisto.[3]


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