Ruku Myal was a male Sith Saber in the Lost Tribe of Sith on Kesh. A good friend of Gavar Khai, Myal participated in an attack on a Damorian S18 light freighter circa 41.5 ABY.

Having achieved the rank of Sith Master, Myal was later among the surviving Sith sided with Abeloth. In 44 ABY when Jedi starts to infiltrate Coruscant, he posed as Sergeant of Galactic Alliance Security and was in command of a patrol of soldiers. On levtrain station he recognized among infiltrators former Sith apprentice Vestara Khai with Ben Skywalker. Grand Master Luke Skywalker, took his attention from Khai by damaging overhead hologram of BAMR News Sith infiltrator reporter Kayala Fei. Myal was about to attack Luke Skywalker when he was pulled towards him in midjump. Myal activated his lightsaber inadvertanly taking attention to himself as a Jedi, who were only known to have lightsabers that time, and attacked Skywalker trying to behead him. Skywalker weaponless avoided Myal's attack. Khai then used Myal's distraction and with Myal's own shikkar she stabbed him close to his heart for painfull death. Luke Skywalker then slightly shifted shards of snapped shikkar blade into Myal's heart, killing him instantly.

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