The "Rule of Fifty" was legislation created by the Galactic Republic in its early years that restricted the amount of planets in a sector to fifty. It was developed after the Galactic Senate had become too large with each sizable planet receiving some form of representation. Fearing that large sectors could form break-away factions, an agreement was reached with all the politicking parties that allowed certain worlds in the Core and Colonies to retain their a seat along with increased representation in politically powerful systems. By the days of the Great Manifest Period, the so-called "Rule of Fifty" had become largely ignored, resulting in over-sized and unmanageable sectors. The failing bureaucracy helped to fuel the Alsakan Conflicts at the dawn of the Indecta Era. The law was removed during the Ruusan Reformations, when Supreme Chancellor Tarsus Valorum led large changes to the Republic's structure.


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