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A Yavin runyip from Tran Mariel.

Runyips were herbivores native to Tran Mariel. A creature of similar appearance and grumpy temperament was native to the jungle moon of Yavin 4, and was named "runyip" as well.


A runyip from Yavin 4.

True runyips were known for the stubbornness, but were still commonly used a pack animals on frontier worlds. They possessed long ears and a long, bifurcated trunk to grab vegetation. Runyips were capable of carrying heavy loads (up to 250 kilograms in normal circumstances, and up to 500 in emergencies) and of traversing uneven terrain, with a top speed of 27 kilometers per hour. Rebel SpecForce troopers were also known to use them to carry equipment.

Yavin runyips were a different species. They had claws on their toes which they used to dig for food, and made their home in holes. They had brown and green fur, white spotty tails, long ears, and semi-prehensile noses. They fed on decomposing forest mulch and in shallows of streams, rivers, and lakes. They did this by using their flexible lips and three clawed feet for sifting through dirt. They emitted loud grunts, squawks, squeals, and sighs as they fed.

Enemies include a number of species, including (surprisingly) piranha beetles.



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