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Rur was the High Shaman of the Terrible Glare. He was a humanoid male and the last of his order.


Rur was the High Shaman of the Terrible Glare. After his order lost a war with the Jedi, thousands of years before the Galactic Civil War, Rur had embedded his personality into a computer, his body mummified inside a pyramid of glass.

In this state he sat waiting in the temple of his order on the planet Garn. He used sensors to detect nearby Jedi through their lightsabers, and lured them to the temple with a false distress signal, where he killed them with a horde of dangerous beasts. In his computerized mind, he was certain only a few months had passed since the war, and that the Jedi roamed the galaxy still.

Sometime after the Battle of Yavin, he lured Luke Skywalker to the temple. The young Rebel revealed to Rur that thousands of years had passed since the war, and that there were no Jedi left for him to exact his revenge upon. In shock and despair of hearing this news, the shaman apparently activated some sort of self-destruct mechanism in the temple, causing it to crumble around him. Skywalker managed to escape, but Rur was never heard from again.

Behind the scenesEdit

Rur appeared in Blind Fury!, a 1982 comic written by Alan Moore. The article Cult Encounters of the Star Wars Universe was supposed to include a backstory for Rur, however the article was never officially published. The information that was to be published in the article is outlined below.

A male Sunesi, Carel Kapekos was born during the Pius Dea Era to parents who raised him in the Pius Dea faith. Identified as Forceful, Kapekos was accepted into the ranks of the Jedi Order and continued to worship the Goddess, an acceptable act within the Order at the time. A model Jedi, Kapekos believed that the Pius Dea Crusades that swept the Galactic Republic had gone too far, and thought that the Order had a responsibility to curtail the worst transgressions of the Contispex dynasty while still fighting against predatory races such as the Hutts. Serving as a Knight Errant in defense of the common people of the galaxy, Kapekos received a vision of fallen Jedi rising up to oppose justice and righteousness in addition to an invasion from a nameless terror from Wild Space. Becoming paranoid of schismatics amongst the Order's members, Kapekos began to accrue as many ancient texts in hopes of plumbing them for a way to defeat the dark side of the Force and its adherents. Petitioning the Council to expand the Order's military presence in the Republic, Kapekos' suggestions were dismissed but did not censor him for his beliefs. As the Jedi Order assisted in the destruction of the Pius Dea and took control of the Republic, Kapekos led the Pius Dea Jedi in revolt against the actions of Grand Master Biel Ductavis. Ductavis stood firmly against Kapekos and his followers, demanding that they foresake the Goddess or leave the Order.

Incensed, Kapekos and sixty-seven followers left the Order and followed their new leader to the world of Garn where a Cathedral ship of the Pius Dea had crash-landed. Taking up residence on Garn, Kapekos and his followers rescued the survivors of the crash and brought them into the fold of their new Order of Shamans. Training one of the ship survivors as his students, Alquist became his second in command and closest advisor. Watching from afar as the Jedi Order returned to Coruscant and installed themselves in the halls of government, Kapekos was accused by the High Council of liberating the so-called Fallen, a group of Pius Dea Jedi who had left the Order and never joined with Kapekos' Shamans on Garn. Standing before the High Council on Coruscant to clear his name in a show of good faith, Kapekos was unprepared for the hostility that awaited him from the Jedi Vindicators who had taken hold of the Order's leadership. Deemed as an affront to the Force by the Vindicators and vilified as heretics, Kapekos was stripped of the Force by the High Council, the Order's harshest punishment.

Enraged by the Council's betrayal, Kapekos was released back into the galaxy and returned to Garn a broken and tormented being. Driven by revenge, Kapekos secluded himself away from his followers, causing rumors to circulate on his mental state. Some believed him possessed by Xendor's spirit, but others knew that Alquist and other confidants had assisted him in learning arcane teachings that predated the Jedi. Taking the name Rur, meaning open spaces and freedom, the former Jedi named himself High Shaman and created the Order of the Terrible Glare. Named in mockery of the Jedi Order's light, the Terrible Order worshipped the Goddess and was guided by a series of rambling texts. Detailing the existence of a portal gate hidden on Garn which granted access to the Night Realm, the Shamans of the Terrible Order established a great pyramid to house the gate and prevent the dreaded Rozzum from entering the universe. Believing that he could control the Rozzum and keep them at bay, Rur stole away to his private citadel where he amassed great prestige amongst his people.

Rur eventually dispatched Alquist to Coruscant in a ploy to lure out the Jedi Vindicators and destroy them at Garn. Feigning a lack of control on Garn, Alquist claimed that the Rozzum had escaped and were set on destroying the galaxy. Expecting the trap, the Vindicators sought a confrontation anyway and descended on Garn with abandoned. The Vindicators arrived on Garn to find Rur's Shamans had created Shadow Domes, pure pockets of darkness that consumed the light of the Force. The defiled towers erected in these abysses were crawling with Rozzum and the home to Shamans with arcane skill. Assaulting Garn, many Jedi Vindicators were imprisoned within soul snares and were doomed to an eternity of torment. Realizing that the Garn Conflict warranted a massive assault, a guild of Jedi Grand Masters and the High Council attacked Garn and a great madness swept across the world as the Jedi sought to put down Rur and the Terrible Order. With casualties on both sides reaching into the thousands, the Jedi left Garn a ruined and forbidden world, the High Council could not use the resources needed to recover Rur's body. Indeed, Rur remained within his Citadel, hidden from the Jedi and lost to history.[2]


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