"Spies? I'm no intelligence operative. I'm a pilot!"
―Rus Kal Kin objects to learning he's been chosen to find a mole in the alliance.[src]

Rus Kal Kin was a Saurin male from the planet of Durkteel. During the Separatist Crisis he piloted refugee relief transports on his homeworld, for which he became famous on the planet. After the Galactic Republic reformed into the Galactic Empire he became a pilot for the Alliance to Restore the Republic as part of the Galactic Civil War. Whilst flying for the Rebels he performed with enough skill and was deemed trustworthy enough to be selected by Leia Organa to be part of a team to uncover a mole within the Alliance. The team worked entirely off the books, with only Mon Mothma knowing of their existence outside of the team's members. As well as discovering the mole they were also tasked with finding a suitable planet on which the Alliance could set up a new base.

Behind the scenesEdit

Ru Kal Kin first appeared the in second issue of the comic book series titled simply Star Wars published by Dark Horse Comics. The issue was written by Brian Wood, illustrated by Carlos D'Anda and colored by Gabe Eltaeb. It was released on February 13 2013.


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