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"You know, I spent so much of my life misunderstood. What will they say about me now? What will I have left behind?"
―Rush Clovis, to Padmé Amidala[src]

Baron Rush Clovis was a human male politician from the planet Scipio. Once a member of the Galactic Senate, Clovis worked closely with Senator Padmé Amidala early in her career. The two were romantically linked, until she insisted they return their relationship to a strictly professional level. With regret, Clovis respected her wishes. He continued to serve his people in the Senate, and became an influential representative of the InterGalactic Banking Clan. When the Clone Wars erupted, Clovis secretly betrayed the Galactic Republic to join the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early career[edit | edit source]

Clovis' father was an advisor to a Muun banker.[3] After his parents[5] died in a shuttle accident, Clovis was adopted by the Muun, who treated him as his own child.[3] He eventually entered galactic politics and became the Senator of Scipio. During his time in the Galactic Republic Senate, he grew close to Senator Padmé Amidala of Naboo, who had entered the Senate the same year as he had.[6] About four years before the start of the Clone Wars, Clovis and Amidala accompanied Jedi Master Depa Billaba and Senator Caelor Gaans on a mission to Gaans' homeworld of Bromlarch. Clovis and Amidala would develop the Mid Rim Cooperation Motion in the aftermath of their mission, beginning new economic collaboration between Mid Rim systems while providing aid for Bromlarch and authorizing defense spending to fight off pirates that were attacking Republic transports. After the bill passed, Clovis celebrated with Amidala, even kissing her. Amidala was horrified, making it clear she was not interested in Clovis that way.[5] Eventually, Amidala chose to end her relationship with him.[4]

Clone Wars[edit | edit source]

Clovis in the Senate

Senator Clovis during the Clone Wars secretly conspired with Trade Federation Senator Lott Dod and Geonosian Archduke Poggle the Lesser to rebuild a droid foundry on Geonosis in exchange for the profits it would yield. However, the Jedi Council suspected that he was dealing with the Separatists and asked Senator Amidala to spy on Clovis and uncover his plans.[4]

Clovis then met Amidala for lunch and asked her to come with him to Cato Neimoidia to speak to her diplomatic contacts among the Neimoidians. They both went to Cato Neimoidia aboard her star skiff accompanied by Captain Gregar Typho, R2-D2, and Anakin Skywalker disguised as her pilot. After they landed, Clovis and Amidala were greeted by Dod. Clovis showed Dod and Poggle a disk containing the coordinates to the new droid foundry. He told them that it was the largest ever built and that it would bring great profits to them; but Poggle and Dod demanded a greater share of the profits for the risks they took. He refused to comply and went to Senator Amidala. He gave her a tour, telling her of some private investments.

Clovis catches Amidala as she passes out after being poisoned by Lott Dod.

Clovis was then embraced by Amidala who told him that she was glad to be there with him, and fainted. He realized that she had been poisoned and he confronted Dod about this, but Dod assured him that she was a Republic spy. Clovis refused to believe it, until he saw that Amidala had stolen his disk. He later confronted her, but she told him that she did it for the Republic. Skywalker came in to protect her. Clovis told him that Dod poisoned her. At first, Skywalker wanted to negotiate with Dod, but Clovis said that Dod would kill him if he found out about the disk. Clovis ultimately decided to get Amidala to her ship. However, Dod refused to let them leave. Clovis threatened to kill Dod unless he gave him the antidote. After Dod had given him the antidote, Clovis and Skywalker got Amidala to the ship. Clovis asked for the disk but Skywalker refused, leaving him behind.[6]

Clovis speaks with Count Dooku

Clovis worked with Amidala again when she came to Scipio for a loan from the InterGalactic Banking Clan. He was able to convince Amidala, with the aid of Count Dooku, to help him in exposing the Banking Clan's corruption to the Senate.[7] The Core Five were removed from power, and Clovis was selected to head the Banking Clan. [8] In return for his favor, Count Dooku forced Clovis to raise interest rates on Republic loans, causing outrage in the Senate.[3]

A Separatist invasion of Scipio ensued, which was framed as a Clovis-endorsed takeover, followed by immediate Republic retaliation led by Anakin Skywalker. During the battle, a downed vulture droid crashed into Clovis' office containing Skywalker, Amidala, and Clovis. Sliding down the rooftop, Skywalker was able to catch both Clovis and Amidala before falling off the edge. Skywalker was only strong enough to hold one person and, recognizing this, Clovis let go of Skywalker and subsequently fell to his death, sacrificing himself to save Amidala.[3]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Rush Clovis made his first appearance in "Senate Spy," the season two episode of the television series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, written by Melinda Hsu, Drew Z. Greenberg and Brian Larsen and directed by Steward Lee. It released on Cartoon Network on October 16, 2009. He was portrayed by Robin Atkin Downes.[4]

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