Rusk Nuum was the son of Cabrool Nuum and the brother of Norba. Like his sister, he had his eyes on their father's criminal empire.



Rusk is killed by Jabba.

When Cabrool ordered Jabba locked away in the dungeon for his refusal to kill Vu Chusker, Rusk offered to help the Hutt escape in return for killing his father, who he told Jabba had gone insane. Jabba agreed, and the next morning Cabrool Nuum was dead by Jabba's hand, leaving Rusk in command of his father's empire.

However Rusk made the same mistake his father had, underestimating Jabba and treating him like a lowly henchman, casually ordering him to pay homage to him by assassinating Vu Chusker for him. When Jabba refused, Rusk, like his father, had the Hutt thrown into the dungeon. But Rusk's sister Norba freed Jabba, and Jabba immediately took revenge on Rusk, by crushing him underneath his considerable bulk.



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