Rutum was a male Human living as a refugee on Nar Shaddaa in 3951 BBY.


He was presumably a person who had borrowed credits from the Exchange and, though he had paid back all that he had, was still in debt. When Meetra Surik found him being harassed by Exchange thugs he then told them that she was the person with the credits he needed. When the thugs turned on her, demanding payment for Rutum's debt, Surik saved him from the thugs. As a result of this action, he chose to lay low for a while, possibly to come up with yet more credits to pay off the loan.

Behind the scenes[]

The outcome of the incident depends on the player's choice:

Light side options[]

  • The player can pay them either 500 credits, 250 credits or, if the player has enough Awareness skill, 100 credits.
  • If the player offers only 50 credits then the thugs attack. This gives the player light-side points for helping Rutum and killing the thugs in self-defense
  • The player can tell them to leave Rutum alone; they will refuse and the player could tell them that they will not let them harm Rutum. They will then attack the player, who gets light side points for defending Rutum.

Non-alignment/neutral options[]

  • The player can threaten the thugs, who then attack the player. This offers no alignment change as it involves provoking the thugs into violence.
  • The player could use Force Persuade, causing the thugs to leave Rutum and be on their way.

Dark side choices[]

  • The player can use Force Persuade to coerce the thugs into giving them credits and then jumping into the central pit. This gives the player Dark Side points as it involves warping their minds and causing them to commit self-harm, in this case overt suicide. Rutum will then run away from the player if they succeed in doing so.
  • The player could suggest selling him to slavery; they then approve of the idea and take him away.
  • The player could kill Rutum - this can be done even if the thugs have been killed or driven away without their payment.


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