Ruuf Waluuk was a male Kupohan mechanic who worked for Azzur Nessin in the city Tonekh during the Galactic Civil War. When the Desert Jewel arrived with Luke Skywalker, Waluuk worked on the starship. He told Skywalker that the ion engines were ruined and that it had to be replaced. The next day Luke and Drusil Bephorin checked Nessin's workers and they found two Kupohan who could have possibly been traitors, Waluuk and Migg Birkhit. Waluuk looked innocent when Skywalker captured Migg and Barrisk Favvin, an ISB agent. But when Skywalker started departing he and a Devaronian mercenary shot Azzur and tried to kill Skywalker also. Waluuk was killed by Skywalker when he shot him in the chest.[1]

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