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"I'm sick of this place. Things have gone bad ever since I got here."

Ruusan was a planet in the Mid Rim most famous for the Ruusan campaign, the last stand of the Brotherhood of Darkness under Lord Kaan and the birthplace of Darth Bane's Order of the Sith Lords. The planet lent its name to the Ruusan Reformations enacted after the battle.


Planet Ruusan with the Three Sisters.

Ruusan was originally a temperate, pleasant world with rivers and forests.[2] It was inhabited by Ruusanians, Humans, and a strange sentient species known as Bouncers. Fauna included some insects and other bugs.[5]

Ruusan's mineral deposits proved disappointing but it was the only source for the Ruusan crystal.

Ruusan had three moons, referred to by locals as the "Three Sisters." Smugglers claimed that at least one of the moons had ruins of an ancient civilization.

Vegetation included some low-growing bushes with some scent; they had the potential to provide aromatic oils although nobody cared to enter this procedure. Lichen could grow on some rocks.[5]

In the mornings, the planet's landscape was painted in lavender and gold colors by the light of its rising sun.[5]


The planet was first colonized between 15,000 BBY to 8000 BBY, sometime between the Kymoodon Era and Rianitus Period.[2]

While meeting with his ally Webb on Tatooine in 3643 BBY, Andronikos Revel remarked that if Exchange officer Sylas Wilkes, Revel's mutinous former first mate whom he was on-planet to kill, found out he was there, "it'll be like Ruusan all over again", suggesting some kind of conflict had taken place there by then.[6]

In 2200 BBY Ruusan was one of the ore-rich planets of the Teraab sector claimed by the Mining Guild, until the planet proved disappointing. All that remained on the planet were few optimistic claim jumpers and fugitives.[2]

The surface of Ruusan.

Ruusan was the site of seven battles between the Sith's Brotherhood of Darkness and the Jedi's Army of Light. During the last battle of Ruusan (1000 BBY) between the Jedi under Lord Hoth, and the Sith under Lord Skere Kaan, much of the planet's surface, including vegetation and several cities, were destroyed.

After the battle had ended, a Jedi Knight named Johun Othone petitioned the Galactic Senate to construct a grand mausoleum containing the one-hundred fallen warriors called The Valley of the Jedi, located on the former location of Olmondo.

The Valley of the Jedi.

Despite this, the expanding nebulae of the sector erased the hyperlanes connecting Ruusan[2] and the world was quickly forgotten, as the Galactic Republic turned inward. Isolation and crossbreeding amongst the inhabitants produced a near-Human population that became known as Ruusanians. Shifting nebulae within the stellar nursery of the Teraab soon erased hyperspace routes to Ruusan, leaving it inaccessible from the galaxy at large. The Separatists briefly established a spy post over one of Ruusan's moons during the Clone Wars, but it was soon destroyed.[2] By the time of the Galactic Empire's reign, Ruusan was mostly forgotten.

Rediscovered by the smuggler Jerg in 11 BBY, the planet came to be used by independent spacers and merchants as a base of operations.[5] The next year, Fort Nowhere was constructed by smugglers.[2] In 1 BBY, Rebel refugees from Sulon settled on the planet, following Jerg and Morgan Katarn.[5]

The planet's isolation would end shortly after the Battle of Endor. The Dark Jedi Jerec, informed of the location of the Valley of the Jedi, came to the planet intending to claim the Valley's power for himself. The Jedi Kyle Katarn, assisted by the spirit of Qu Rahn, managed to stop Jerec, slaying the Dark Jedi below the monuments that Othone had built centuries ago.[5]

After being beaten by a diferent dark jedi named Desann, Katarn would return to Ruusan in 12 ABY to reestablish his connection to the Force, during the confrontation of the Empire Reborn, and in 14 ABY, during the Disciples of Ragnos crisis to investigate the Valley of the Jedi for cult activity.[7]

The world was later targeted by the Yuuzhan Vong, who successfully invaded and occupied the planet over a year into their invasion of the galaxy. It would remain under Vong control until the end of the war.[2]


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