The Ry'coz were a sentient species native to Novor 23, the sole habitable planet in the Novor system. It was located on the Sisar Run hyperlane, at the northern edge of the Periphery[1]—a small region of space captured by the Galactic Empire that was formerly part of Hutt Space.[2] The Ry'coz cooperated with immigrants of Human and other species to produce a thriving economy and cultural scene. This attracted the shipping company Jatayus Outbound to establish its offices on the Ry'coz's homeworld. The planet's Vos'yr Valley was home to the villa retreat of the Black Sun Vigo Sprax.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The Ry'coz were created for Secrets of the Sisar Run, a roleplaying game sourcebook published by West End Games in 1997.[1]

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