Ry-Kooda was the older brother of the Herglic pirate Bar-Kooda. He became obsessed with revenge against Boba Fett who captured his brother and turned him over to Orko and Gorga, two Hutts who ended up eating Bar-Kooda. After hunting down Boba Fett several times, the bounty hunter was eventually able to kill him.



Ry-Kooda attacks Boba Fett.

Upon learning of Bar-Kooda's capture by Boba Fett and subsequent fate as main course for Gorga the Hutt and Orko, Ry-Kooda swore revenge. While honeymooning on Skeebo, Anachro was kidnapped from Gorga and held for ransom. Gorga hired Fett to rescue her. Simultaneously, Ry-Kooda set out to kill Gorga and Fett.

Fett, the kidnappers, and Ry-Kooda collided on Skeebo and violence ensued. Fett managed to successfully rescue Anachro from her prison deep within an abandoned mine, but was confronted with Ry-Kooda, a larger and more ferocious—to the point of being psychotic—opponent than his brother. Ry-Kooda was beaten by Fett, who fired a wrist rocket into the ceiling of the mine, collapsing it onto Ry-Kooda. However, Ry-Kooda survived and would face Fett a second time.

Gorga hires Fett once again, this time to eliminate his father-in-law, Orko. In order to profit even more, Fett decides not to kill the Hutt and offers Orko protection against a given bounty hunter hired to kill him. Assuming the death had been avoided, Fett left Orko's palace. During the night, however, Ry-Kooda invaded the palace and brutally murdered the crime lord, devouring parts of his body. Thinking Gorga had had her father killed, Anachro left her husband. Ry-Kooda's gang intercepted her vessel in the desert and when he was about to kill her, Gorga came to her rescue. Ry-Kooda overpowered Gorga's men and had both the Hutts at his mercy. Boba Fett stopped him from killing them, starting a fierce duel with the Herglic. Ry-Kooda was ultimately defeated when Fett set the radioactive waste around him on fire, incinerating him.

Personality and traitsEdit

Ry-Kooda had a ferocious anger and hearing about his brother's death triggered an almost unstoppable rampage. During this time period Ry-Kooda seemed impervious to pain and reason, chasing after Boba Fett like an unstoppable juggernaut. Ry-Kooda appeared to have limited intelligence as he rarely said anything beyond growls and shouting Boba Fett's name although this may have been a side effect of his rage.

Skills and abilitiesEdit

Ry-Kooda was incredibly strong able to throw large pieces of machinery and wreckage with apparently little effort. In addition his hide was thick enough to deflect blaster bolts. Even Boba Fett found his traditional weaponry, including flame throwers and rocket launchers to be ineffective against Ry-Kooda's thick hide.

Behind the scenesEdit

Despite being the alleged older brother to Bar Kooda, the two were somewhat different in appearance, raising the question of whether or not they shared only one common parent or if they were blood brothers at all. Bar-Kooda's skin was smooth with a sheen to it, whereas Ry's skin was hard and bumpy. Bar-Kooda's eyes were segmented and positioned on both sides of his head, whereas Ry's were set deeply into his skull in front. Bar-Kooda had five fingers, but Ry only had three.



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