Rydar II was the original homeworld of the Ranat species. The local Human Governor had the Ranats exterminated in 200 BBY. Only three individuals escaped, ending up on nearby Aralia.

Ranat UAA

A Ranat.


Rydar II was located in the Outer Rim of the Antemeridian Sector, which bordered the Mid Rim and crossed by the Perlemian Trade Route.

During the Jedi Civil War, Rydar II fell into the Revan area and during Battle of Ruusan the planet resumed in Sith Empire. During the Clone Wars the planet was in CIS territory.

Ranats evolved on the planet Rydar II. The Rydans, a humanoid species, did not understand the Ranats and tried to eradicate them. The Ranats often attacked the Rydans children who had enough of them. Two male and female Ranat could flee a few years before the Battle of Yavin with a ship to Aralia, whereafter a very new colony could soon emerge. The three surviving Ranat heroes chose the Aralia jungles near the shores to set up their new habitat.

After the defeat of the Empire, Governor Targan was the representative of Rydar II.



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