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Ryle Torsyn was a Human male who served in the Rebel Alliance during their campaign against the Galactic Empire. Using the call sign Gold Three, Torsyn piloted a Y-wing during the Battle of Yavin.


Recruited into the Rebel Alliance by Garven Dreis, Ryle Torsyn was stationed at the Rebel base on Dantooine, where he served as a pilot in a squadron led by veteran Rebel pilot Davish "Pops" Krail. While there, Torsyn discovered a hidden Imperial homing beacon, forcing the base's evacuation, which he led, flying a BTL Y-wing starfighter.[3][4]

By 0 BBY, Torsyn had been transferred to the Alliance's Massassi Base on Yavin 4, and was a member of Gold Squadron under the command of Gold Leader Jon "Dutch" Vander. Flying a Y-wing as Gold Three, he was killed during the Battle of Yavin in the attack on the Death Star, along with most of his squadron.[1][2][3]

Behind the scenes[]

Torsyn was an unnamed character in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope[2] until the Star Wars Customizable Card Game gave him a name and call sign.[3] According to the website Aveleyman, He was portrayed by John Ketteringham,[5] an actor listed as a Death Star Controller during the film's production.[6]



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