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"Ryll is a highly addictive spice."
Lon Cope[1]

Ryll was a relatively weak form of spice used to create a number of medicines used throughout the galaxy. It could be combined with glitterstim to create glitteryll. Ryll kor was another type of ryll, used primarily for medical purposes.

Most of the exported spice avoided the Corellian Run but traveled through the Death Wind Corridor, which linked Ryloth to Roon (through The Cloak of the Sith).[2]


Ryll was discovered around 4800 BBY and mined on the planet Ryloth, although it was presumably found on other planets such as Naos III. It was also smuggled into the Corporate Sector for illegal sale to the workers. As with many substances used for illegal recreation, ryll had the potential to be very addictive and dangerous. In addition to the mining operations on Ryloth, just before the Battle of Yavin, the Hutts used slaves from a false religion to produce the spice on the planet Ylesia until the Rebel Alliance involved themselves with the operations and ultimately shut down the planet's spice ring.

Both the Galactic Republic and the Galactic Empire placed restrictions on ryll's use, licensing it only to pharmaceutical companies for the production of painkillers and anesthetics.

In 7 ABY the variety of Ryll kor was used for the cure of the Krytos virus, which made Ryloth of galactic importance.[2]



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