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"We have a battalion of troopers right outside."
"That's not enough. I know what they're capable of."
―Rampart, and CT-9904[src]

A battalion of stormtroopers of the Galactic Empire was stationed on the planet Ryloth early in the Imperial Era. Following Vice Admiral Rampart's overseeing of Project War-Mantle on Kamino, the admiral was on Ryloth with Commander CT-9904 and his Elite Squad. There, Rampart was in overall command of Imperial forces, and his manipulations and strategies to cast Twi'lek General Cham Syndulla as a rebel to Ryloth's security resulted in several skirmishes.[2]

The battalion utilized multiple vehicles on Ryloth, including at least five HCVw A9 turbo tanks,[2] multiple BARC speeders,[1] All Terrain Tactical Enforcers, various types of Nu-class attack/transport shuttles,[2] and LAAT/i gunships.[1] The battalion was composed of stormtroopers, multiple Imperial officers, and viper probe droids.[2]

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