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The Ryloth blockade[2] was a Separatist fleet commanded by Mar Tuuk that blockaded the planet Ryloth during the Ryloth campaign of the Clone Wars.[1]


When the Separatist Droid Army invaded Ryloth, the Separatist fleet established a blockade. The blockade was able to destroy Admiral Dao's Republic fleet. However, three blockade runners under the Senator of Alderaan, Bail Organa, were able break through the blockade and drop off food and medical supplies to the Twi'leks and their Resistance forces under General Cham Syndulla.[3]

When the Republic Navy and the Grand Army of the Republic answered the Galactic Senate's plea to liberate Ryloth, the blockade was under the command of Captain Mar Tuuk. The blockade came under attack by Jedi General Anakin Skywalker's task force. A squadron of V-19 Torrent starfighters under Commander Ahsoka Tano attacked the blockade and were able to break through his line of vulture droids. However, Tuuk summoned reinforcements in the form of four additional frigates and more vulture droids. The blockade's vulture droids surrounded Tano's squadron and took them out one by one. The vulture droids also made suicide runs on the Resolute, Redeemer, and the Defender. When a vulture droid crashed into the Resolute's bridge, Skywalker ordered his taskforce to retreat. The Redeemer and most of Tano's Squadron were lost in their first attack.[1]

Following the attack, Tuuk studied Skywalker's tactics and prepared for his counterattack. The blockade was approached by the Defender under Skywalker. Skywalker offered to surrender himself and his ship to Tuuk in exchange for delivering supplies to the Twi'leks. Tuuk considered his offer until his battle droids informed him that only Skywalker was aboard the Defender. Tuuk, upon learning of this, told Skywalker that he had nothing to bargain with. However, Tuuk realized his mistake and tried to destroy the Defender before it could crash into his control ship. Tuuk abandoned his post and went to a escape pod as the Defender destroyed the ship. The rest of the blockade stood their ground as the Resolute arrived. When the Resolute angled its hull towards the blockade, the battle droids attacked the ship. Tano was able to launch a flanking maneuver and destroy the remaining ships. This allowed Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Mace Windu to start their landing.[1]



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